Taxation of Maltese Citizens based on Residence and Domicile. Malta Citizenship does not alone alter the tax treatment of persons acquiring Maltese Citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Program.
The Malta Residence & Citizenship Programmes - A Comparison
A Malta Residency by Investment route was enacted earlier last week enabling non-EU nationals to obtain Malta Residency by Investment in the Schengen Area.
Malta is an attractive destination for non-European HNW individuals @ families seeking a safe @ tax efficient country of residence. Malta HNWI tax residence schemes are available to third country nationals HNWIs.
A comparison of the various Malta Residence Programmes which Malta offers both to EU and non-EU nationals. The salient aspects of Malta Residence Programmes
Malta Ordinary Residence is an attractive residence scheme currently available to individuals seeking to transfer their tax residence from high-tax.
The Malta Global Residence Programme is a residency for non-EU nationals @ offers Schengen residence entitlement under the Malta Global Residence Programme.
Overview of Maltese Citizenship laws on the acquisition of Malta Citizenship by Marriage. Spouses are entitled to Malta Citizenship by Marriage by law.
Malta Visa-free Travel Destinations listed by Malta Immigration Law Firm providing residency, economic citizenship & Malta Visa-free Travel Destinations
The Highly Qualified Persons Rules are aimed at attracting highly specialized individuals to relocate and work in Malta.

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