14 Mar 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Capital markets are important subsets of financial markets, as they produce monetary output in economies globally, through which securities are bought and sold. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a new method of raising capital, where start-ups create new a virtual token and offer it for public sale. It is expected that the number and size of crypto-funds will grow and bring forth the emergence of decentralized protocols of tremendous value to end users and speculators.
 14 Mar 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Payment structures are based on messages and rely on exchange of files between several counterparts. The general cross-border non-euro payment lifecycle involves several steps and parties to complete payments, delays which can be countered by Blockchain. The distributed ledger makes it possible to connect all involved parties in a financial trade in real time for the faster processing of payment all while maintaining an audit trail, vital in combatting fraudulent measures and security breaches.
 13 Mar 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Many argue that Blockchain is the biggest invention since the internet. Indeed, this revolutionary technology, apart from being one of the most intriguing innovations currently on the market, is a secure and reliable distributed ledger technology. It is commonly referred to as a ‘digitized trust’ and operates on a peer-to-peer network. It is to be validated without the need for an intermediary and, in turn, this ensures traceability as well as transparency – a relevant solution, due to society’s
 13 Mar 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Blockchain, or the ‘new internet’ as it is being referred to, is a driving force of change for business across multiple sectors, especially for financial services. As it transforms the financial services industry and is constantly creating opportunities for both new and established players, it has also has the potential to push forward faster, cheaper, safer and more transparent financial transactions.
 02 Mar 2018 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi
This article provides an introduction to the topic of Bitcoin from a legal, regulatory and practical perspective, and offers some thoughts on the treatment of Bitcoin companies in Malta.
 28 Feb 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
The Crypto-currency race is on! This article provides a comparative overview of jurisdictions which are taking steps towards regulating cryptocurrencies, ICOs and blockchain businesses.
 19 Feb 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
The Government has unveiled a consultation document which sets out the regulatory framework for the creation of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), the regulation of Technological Arrangements (i.e DLT-Platforms and smart contracts) and their service providers, and thirdly, it provides a draft regulatory framework for ICOs and the provision of services in relation to Virtual Currencies.
 30 Jan 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
MFSA has issued Supplementary Conditions for PIFs investing in VCs to ensure investor protection and market integrity, as well as the soundness of Collective Investment Schemes which invest in VCs. The Conditions require that involved parties are competent in the industry, that adequate risk warnings are included and quality assessments are carried out on the soundness of the VC. The manager of the Scheme will also need to undertake a risk and liquidity management exercise.
 12 Jan 2018 Silvana Zammit
comparison of the current and proposed new gaming regulation

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