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 05 May 2017 Jean Philippe Chetcuti
Malta Citizenship by Investment is being granted to investors seeking to obtain a European passport within one year. The Malta Citizenship by Investment program is the only EU-approved economic passport programme.
 03 May 2017 Annabelle Khalil
There are mainly two different types of schools in Malta, State Schools and Private Schools.
 27 Apr 2017 Silvana Zammit
Buying property in Malta by non-residents requires an AIP Permit. Buying property in Malta by non-residents through an AIP Permit is subject to conditions.
 25 Apr 2017 Nicholas Warren
Updates to Malta's Financial Services Regulation
 21 Apr 2017 Nicholas Warren
A review of the impact of MiFID II
 13 Apr 2017 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Dual citizenship arises when a person holds two or more citizenships simultaneously. Dual citizenship provides numerous benefits
 31 Mar 2017 Nicholas Warren
What is the difference between insurance and wagers?
 31 Mar 2017 Nicholas Warren
The unique world of insurance - the PCC and ICC
 29 Mar 2017 Maria Chetcuti-Cauchi
A basic publication on the main elements of a blockchain transaction.
 27 Mar 2017 Nicholas Warren
Malta is preparing itself to attract the concept and use of Islamic finance concepts such as Sukuk. This publication gives an understanding of Sukuk.

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