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 22 Jun 2017 Nicholas Warren
Changes to MFSA Rules in respect of CFDs and Rolling Spot Forex
 20 Jun 2017 Nicholas Warren
Emission Allowances as a Financial Instrument
 14 Jun 2017 Jean Philippe Chetcuti
Malta Citizenship by Investment is being granted to investors seeking to obtain a European passport within one year. The Malta Citizenship by Investment program is the only EU-approved economic passport programme.
 05 Jun 2017 Michelle de Maria
Chetcuti Cauchi provides a comprehensive guide on Malta@s companies and its corporate tax system. We are geared to assist companies with all their needs.
 31 May 2017 Chetcuti Cauchi
Money Market Funds are a kind of retail collective investment scheme, which may be licensed in Malta. Money Market Funds may be interesting for Fund manager
 31 May 2017 Chetcuti Cauchi

In the last few years, Malta has increasingly become the jurisdiction of choice for a number of financial services operators who look at Malta as the ideal platform from where to target their European clients.

 25 May 2017 Michela Pirotta
The use of Malta trusts in the domestic context has been increasing slowly but surely. The Trusts and Trustees Act which was implemented in 2004, however the notion of a trust had been introduced in Maltese law much prior to its codification.
 25 May 2017 Priscilla Mifsud-Parker
Overview of Malta Trust Law and the use of the Malta Trust for asset holding and wealth planning purposes.
 03 May 2017 Annabelle Khalil
There are mainly two different types of schools in Malta, State Schools and Private Schools.
 27 Apr 2017 Silvana Zammit
Buying property in Malta by non-residents requires an AIP Permit. Buying property in Malta by non-residents through an AIP Permit is subject to conditions.

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