07 lut 2020 Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker
This Guide provides an overview of reasons why companies are Setting up a Business in Malta and outlines the legal, financial and tax framework for Companies Setting up a Business in Malta.
 05 sty 2020 Antoine Saliba Haig
Maltese citizenship by descent is a popular route provided by the Maltese Citizenship Act to individuals born of Maltese parentage to Maltese Citizenship
 14 lis 2019 Chetcuti Cauchi
Chetcuti Cauchi explains suspended licence on reaching 12 driving penalty points. Chetcuti Cauchi explains licence suspended and revoked twice in a three year period require the taking of a fresh test before reinstating licence.
 01 paź 2019 Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker
The Blockchain revolution is bringing about change in a number of different industries. The innovative technologies are being used to make administrative processes, research and data protection more secure and transparent. Through more reliable systems, customer service will see a significant improvement and profit margins will increase within the industry. A blockchain for the provision of healthcare, will, therefore, be a step in the right direction towards positive change.
 30 wrz 2019 Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Why relocate your business to Malta? Malta is a top jurisdiction to do business thanks to its optimal tax regime and legislation. See how you can benefit.
 25 wrz 2019 Antoine Saliba Haig
As the Brexit deadline looms closer, several Brits are exploring their options to attain EU citizenship or establish a permanent link with the Eu.
 23 wrz 2019 Chetcuti Cauchi
Malta sets out a beneficial tax regime applicable to insurance industries or investment service companies. Such entities are entitled to a 10-year tax holiday. Moreover, under the Highly Qualified Person Rules (HQPR), an eligible individual is subject to certain tax rates in Malta. However, in order for an individual to benefit from such tax rates in Malta, being 15%, he/she must not have benefitted from the reductions available to investment service expatriates.
 15 wrz 2019 Admin
During 2009, a protocol amending the Double Tax Avoidance Treaty was signed by Malta and Italy. The protocol will not only reinforce the provisions of the treaty, but it will also encourage investments between Italian and Maltese entrepreneurs.
 13 wrz 2019 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi
Malta Anti-Money Laundering: this publication provides an overview of Malta's AML legislation. Chetcuti Cauchi provides a comprehensive malta anti-money laundering advisory service.
 13 wrz 2019 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi
A guide to buying property in Malta. Malta is an ideal destination for setting up business or to own a second home.

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