09 feb 2024 Naomi Galea
In 2023 year, the field of direct tax law saw substantial updates, encompassing a range of changes and advancements on both domestic and international fronts. This article will reflect on some of the most notable developments in Malta from the past year, impacting both businesses and individuals.
 30 gen 2024 Chetcuti Cauchi
Rental income derived on property situated in Malta may be taxed at a flat rate of 15% on the gross rental income received
 30 gen 2024 
Malta Visa-free Travel Destinations listed by Malta Immigration Law Firm providing residency, economic citizenship & Malta Visa-free Travel Destinations
 15 gen 2024 Naomi Galea
When a property is rented out in Malta, the lessor can decide to either opt for the 15% final withholding tax or to declare the rental income in the annual tax return (and have it taxed at applicable standard income tax rates).
 20 dic 2023 
With the Malta Transfer Pricing Rules, Malta has introduced to its legal system transfer pricing rules, imposing obligations on corporate taxpayers and introducing new legal institutions
 19 dic 2023 Dr Susanna Deguara
Due to the private and public function of ship registration, owners and charterers must weigh different factors prior to choosing the flag state of their vessels. Malta, in this respect, has proven to be an ideal jurisdiction.
 11 dic 2023 Dr Susanna Deguara
The world of yachting, a realm of luxury and innovation, stands as a testament to creativity and engineering. Amidst the azure expanse of the seas, a less obvious but equally important facet shapes this industry: intellectual property rights (IP Rights).
 13 nov 2023 Nicole Borg
Couples in Malta may choose to regulate their relationship by means of a public deed, generally referred to as a Cohabitation Agreement. Such Agreement shall include all rights and obligations governing the relationship, as well as other information relating to the parties’ assets and liabilities.
Minister Abela said Malta Citizenship by Investment Applicants amount to 573. Malta Citizenship by Investment Applicants come from various regions
 03 nov 2023 Magdalena Velkovska
Malta's Finance Minister presented the highly anticipated budget for 2024 this week, outlining a series of fiscal measures and incentives to stimulate the economy and support various sectors.

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