A new temporary residency programme has been launched for third country nationals wanting to move to Malta whilst working remotely.
 31 May 2021 
The Act regulating the Legal Profession in Malta is the first step in creating an obligatory register of warranted legal professional accessible by the public. Additional notions of risks and anti-money laundering provisions were added.
The Malta Company Service Providers (Amendment) Act 2020 which came into force on 16 March 2021 has overhauled CSP Rules and Rulebook and created a new regime for the authorisation of all providers of corporate services.
 04 May 2021 Dr. Susanna Deguara
European Union unveils new Artificial Intelligence Rules
 04 May 2021 Dr. Susanna Deguara
Malta Government announces more incentives to aid businesses
 29 Apr 2021 Dr. Susanna Deguara
The Enlarged Board of Appeal within the European Patent Office issued decision G 1/19, which held that the established case law on computer-implemented inventions (COMVIK approach) applies also to computer-invented simulations.
 26 Apr 2021 Admin
The consequences of Brexit in relation to the Lugano Convention governing jurisdiction matters and the UK’s need for re-admission is highlighted. The UK is no longer a party to this Convention and this is creating uncertainty for shipowners.
 26 Apr 2021 Dr. Susanna Deguara
26th April marks world intellectual property day.
 19 Apr 2021 Admin
A proposal was made by the Malta Maritime Forum for the establishment of a specialised court for Maritime Cases
 19 Apr 2021 Admin
YouTube has recently adopted a new ‘Checks’ system wherein there is now a possibility for users to inspect videos for potential breaches prior to uploading them to the widely used YouTube platform.

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