In November 2023, the Malta Village Festa was finally inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
The Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued a reminder to all concerned that electronic Record Books, known as e-RBs and other ancillary electronic documentation system on board Valletta flagged vessels are acceptable considering the record keeping requirements found in legislation, in accordance with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).
 04 Dec 2023 Chetcuti Cauchi
Part of the Andersen European Arbitration and Litigation team, Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates' Partner, Dr. Charlene Mifsud, and Senior Associate, Dr. Luana Cuschieri, represent Malta and contribute to the newsletter.
 21 Nov 2023 Admin
Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti Cauchi won a high-profile defamation case after taking the matter right up to the highest courts in France to seek justice against the Chairman of M6, a French media group and against the CEO of French production company Ligne de Front that produces the investigative series Inquiete Exclusif. This Court of Appeal decision that the media claims were fabricated in bad faith echos the findings of several bodies having reviewed the same footage presented by Chetcuti.
 20 Nov 2023 Dr. Natasha Cachia
On 10th November 2023, the European Union published an EU List of Prominent Public Functions, bringing much-needed clarity to the classification of Politically exposed persons (PEPs) within all EU Member States.
 24 Oct 2023 Chetcuti Cauchi
Senior Associate Dr Luana Cuschieri authored the Malta section of the Andersen Employment Insights Newsletter for the month of October.
 13 Oct 2023 Chetcuti Cauchi
Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker, Senior Partner at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, has been chosen again as the Chair of the Malta division of STEP (the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners). This will be Priscilla's fourth term leading STEP in Malta, following her successful three-year tenure as Chair.
 09 Oct 2023 Chetcuti Cauchi
During the festival, Malta Enterprise announced that it will be launching a stakeholder consultation process for a national Malta Startup Framework, creating a framework that is really designed to cater exclusively for the needs of start-ups.
Malta launches new Venture Capital Scheme aimed at helping start- ups set up operations in Malta, and shall be investing equity in start-ups focused on innovative technologies such as video game development, Fintech and e-sports.
 26 Sep 2023 Chetcuti Cauchi
The first edition of the Andersen Employment Insights Newsletter were one can explore the latest developments in employment law, essential guidelines, significant case law updates, and insights into collective agreements from more than 20 European countries.

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