20 Jun 2023 Dr. Mark E. Zammit
Meta Ireland has on the 22 May 2023 been given a record fine of €1.2 Billion by the Irish Data Protection Commission for infringing the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) measures on data transfer to third countries, that is, outside the EU/EEA.
 14 Jun 2023 Dr. Mark E. Zammit
Privacy vs Data Protection Law
Malta offers three main residence options for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals wishing to relocate to the island. These programs offer the opportunity to live in Malta, while also enjoying all the benefits that come with living on this island.
ChatGPT has taken a different level of presence in the technological world, with this AI system being used to generate all types of literary and artistic content. With the advent of more sophisticated AI systems and the depths in which these can function, the worlds of literary creators have been taken by storm.
Malta, with its baroque architecture, Mediterranean scenery and modern freshness, has attracted the Film Industry to its shores for the past decades. Malta can dub for several locations in different eras could double up for practically any place, old and new
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm and is rapidly transforming various industries and activities. The realm of Intellectual Property (IP) is no exception. The impact of AI on IP is multifaceted, ranging from automated IP searches to the creation of AI-generated content.
Malta is emerging as a preferred jurisdiction for family offices. A family office can be crucial for the success of certain families especially when these have multiple assets to administer. One such type of family profile is that of the families of tech entrepreneurs.
 28 Apr 2023 Dr. Anna Sultana
A Malta Tax Residence Certificate is an official document issued by the Maltese Commissioner for Revenue that confirms on an official level an individual's tax residency status. It is often used by taxpayers to provide proof of their residency status to foreign tax authorities and to claim benefits under double taxation avoidance agreements.
Since before the pandemic, Malta has been a favourite location attracting not only professionals in IT, aviation, financial services and shipping but also family principals and family offices to make this country their base. Malta is a jurisdiction that because of its climate and lifestyle appeals to families who would then establish a Malta family office as party of their migration plans.
Taxation of Maltese Citizens based on Residence and Domicile. Malta Citizenship does not alone alter the tax treatment of persons acquiring Maltese Citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Program. Maltese citizenship alone does not change the tax treatment of an individual or family acquiring citizenship unless they take up tax residence in Malta.

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