26 ноя 2022 Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Benefits of dual citizenship
 26 ноя 2022 Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
The 1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons and the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness are the key international conventions addressing statelessness. The Statelessness Conventions are complemented by international human rights treaties and provisions treating the right to a nationality.
 09 ноя 2022 Dr Luana Cuschieri
This matrimonial regime is the least common matrimonial regime in Malta. Under this matrimonial regime, during marriage, each of the spouses’ property remains separate, however if the spouses decide to terminate their marriage, the residue left is deemed to belong equally to both spouses.
 26 окт 2022 Dr Charlene Mifsud
On the 24th day of October 2022, the Minister for Finance and Employment, Hon. Clyde Caruana presented the Budget for Malta for 2023.
 17 окт 2022 Dr Charlene Mifsud
Learn more about the amendments to the Malta leases legislation, their effects and the options as landlord
 13 окт 2022 Antoine Saliba Haig
Malta Start Up Residence Programme
 05 окт 2022 Dr Charlene Mifsud
Learn more about Malta Company Restructuring and Insolvency, from the Liquidation process of a company in Malta to the Restructuring procedure of a Maltese company
 04 окт 2022 Dr Maria Chetcuti Cauchi
Covid 19 applicable rules and regulations under Malta Law in relation to Malta company reconstruction, restructuring and insolvency.
 28 июл 2022 Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Family offices, as opposed to holding companies, are often structured as service companies having family office functions such as management, investment control, investment advisory, distinct from holding companies that are vested with asset and business ownership. Holding companies fall within the ambit of family office structures but should not be confused with the family offices themselves.
 28 июл 2022 Steve Muscat Azzopardi
Holding companies are widely used to hold personal, family and business assets. Family holding companies, business holding companies and special purpose holding companies can be used in asset structuring for a variety of legal and tax considerations.

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