13 авг 2021 Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Maltese Citizenship can be attained through various pathways. Whilst it can be attained through birth, descent, marriage and adoption, it could also be attained through the various programmes available to investors.
 06 июл 2021 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
The Highly Qualified Persons Rules are aimed at attracting highly specialized individuals to relocate and work in Malta.
 10 июн 2021 Antoine Saliba Haig
In June 2021, Identity Malta and Residency Malta Agency launched the Malta Nomad Residence Permit (NRP) which is intended for non-EU nationals who want to retain their current employment outside of Malta but reside in Malta. This permit is open to non-EU nationals who can work remotely using telecommunication technology.
 04 июн 2021 Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Looking towards the Future of the Effectivity of Your Business in Malta: Solutions in relation to Mergers under Malta Law
 04 июн 2021 Dr Christine Sammut
The process for a merger by acquisition under Malta law is laid out, including the requirements of the documentation such as the experts and directors' report and most importantly the draft terms of merger.
 03 июн 2021 Dr Susanna Deguara
Chanel has lost its EU trademark battle against Huawei following opposition proceedings in front of the EUIPO. Chanel is claiming that Huawei’s trademark is similar to its own registered marks.
 26 май 2021 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Гражданство Мальты по наследству может быть получено на основе рождения на Мальте родственника по восходящей линии и его/ее родителя, после подачи соответствующего заявления и принятия присяги на верноподданность.
 26 май 2021 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi
Юридическая компания Мальты ACC с момента своего основания стремится отличаться от конкурентов.
 18 май 2021 Antoine Saliba Haig
Malta has a number of residence programmes aimed at attracting non-EU/EEA nationals to obtain residence status in Malta. The various programmes range from those intended to confer the status of permanent residence to programmes giving a special tax status. To this effect Malta offers two main residency routes through the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) and the Malta Global Residence Programme (GRP).
 14 май 2021 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi
By virtue of Legal Notice 96 of 2021, the Malta Company Service Providers (Amendment) Act 2020 (“the Act” or “the Amendments”) came into force on 16 March 2021. This Act also brought with it an overhauled Corporate Services Provider (“CSP”) Rulebook (“Rulebook”).

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