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Upcoming Events
 02 خرداد 1398
Our Senior Partner for Corporate, Trusts and Fintech, Dr Priscilla Mifsud Parker, our Senior Manager for Corporate and Fintech Mr Steve Muscat Azzopardi and Our Corporate Client Adviser Mr Edoardo DAngelo will be attending the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.
 13 خرداد 1398
Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates will be present at the Investment Migration Forum in Geneva, providing expert advice on the most suitable way to invest in migration programmes.
Current Events
 01 خرداد 1398
Our Tax Director, Ms Michelle de Maria will be attending the Global Tax Conference.
 01 خرداد 1398
The Employee Social Committee has organised a full week of activities to promote a healthier lifestyle to the employees.
Past Events
 27 مهر 1397
The Second Annual Malta Workshop on MIIP and MRVP
 07 اسفند 1396
Dubai International Boat Show 2018
 18 بهمن 1396
Tax Webinar - Taking up Residency in Malta 02/2018.
 17 بهمن 1396
 04 آبان 1396
Tax Webinar about Malta Private Foundations to be held in Malta.

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