Malta Global Residence Programme

Schengen Residency in 4 Months

Malta Global Residence Programme

The Malta Residence Programme builds on the success of Malta’s reputation in attracting expatriates and families seeking an alternative residence base in a warm Mediterranean Island in the European Union. The Programme is open to EU nationals and it offers Schengen residence coupled with favorable taxation rates. To be eligible for the Malta Residence Programme, one must buy/rent residence in Malta, be economically self-sufficient and pay a minimum annual tax of €15,000 for a whole family.

Maltese residents are not subject to tax in Malta on foreign sourced income not remitted to Malta. Nor are they subject to tax on any foreign-sourced capital gains whether remitted to Malta or not. Permanent Residents of Malta are entitled to taxation at the flat rate of 15% on remitted income. Under the Global Residence Programme Rules law, non domiciled residents of Malta enjoy special tax status, a flat rate of 15% on foreign source income.


Country Highlights

CAPITAL CITY: Valletta LANGUAGES: Maltese, English
TOTAL AREA: 316 km² POPULATION: 436,950
NEAREST COUNTRY: Italy, 255 km                          TIME ZONE: Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)


Legal Basis

The Global Residence Programme Rules, 2013 grants permanent residency rights to economically self-sufficient applicants keeping a permanent address in Malta in the form of residential property purchased or rented in any of the islands of Malta or Gozo.


Residency Rights

  • Permanent Residence: the right to reside indefinitely in Malta;
  • EU Residence Card gives Visa-free travel within Schengen Area;
  • Allows GRP holders to work in Malta (work permit process);
  • No minimum physical presence required to maintain immigration status;
  • Tax residency status on showing ordinary residency in Malta.


  • 3 months processing time;
  • Family applications allows, including:
    • spouse, parents of main applicant and spouse,
    • brothers/sisters,
    • dependent children up to 25 yrs
    • domestic staff.

Favourable Tax System

  • flat tax rate on remitted income only: 15%
  • local tax on local income only;
  • no tax on foreign income not transferred to / used in Malta;
  • no tax on foreign capital gains even if transferred to Malta;
  • no inheritance tax;
  • no worldwide basis of taxation;
  • no wealth taxes / no local taxes;
  • no wealth disclosure obligations;
  • no withholding taxes.


  • Open to non-EU nationals
  • Family applications allows, including:
    • spouse, life partner;
    • parents & grandparents of main applicant and spouse;
    • brothers/sisters;
    • dependent children up to 25 yrs;
    • domestic staff.
  • Economically self-sufficient;
  • An application fee of €6.000
  • Applicants have to purchase or rent a property;
  • Applicants should have valid travel document;
  • Applicants should have all-covering EU health insurance;
  • Annual cost: €15,000 tax
    • this covers the whole family for the first €100,000 foreign income remitted to Malta without further tax.)

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