Malta Gaming Key Official Services

Malta Gaming Key Official Services

Ever since the revamp of the Gaming laws regulating Gaming in Malta, more focus has been put on the proper operation of such companies, particularly through the setting out of duties which must be carried out specifically by the Key Official who has been left in charge of these functions. These functions are further detailed in the Fourth Schedule of the Gaming Authorisations and Compliance Directive. Such a person will be subject to the scrutiny of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to ensure such a person is fit and proper to carry out the function properly.

Requirements for Gaming Key Officials

First and foremost, Key Functions may only be carried out by persons who acquire the due certificate of approval from the Authority. The directive stipulates if operations are carried out by a key official who as not been officially certified, he will be found in breach of the Act.

Each licensee or applicant is required to notify the authority of who the key official is within the company, as well as the functions that he shall be carrying out for such licensee. This must be done without prejudice to the certificate which is required by the Authority for such person to carry out such key function. This approval certificate will be issued at the application stage as well as when a new key official is being appointed after the resignation of the previous key official.

The following roles and responsibilities must be performed by the Key Function:

  1. Chief Executive;
  2. Oversee gaming operations;
  3. Address any legal affairs and compliance issues which apply to the regulatory instruments in question;
  4. Oversee to the finance;
  5. Overlook the marketing and advertising used by the operations;
  6. Offer player support;
  7. Oversee the technology used, including, but not limited to information security and the operation and management of the control system;
  8. Prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorism;
  9. Carry out risk management and the prevention of fraud; and
  10. Oversee the internal audit of the operations

If the licensee is providing gaming services within a gaming premise, the activities of the key official must be those mentioned above, in addition to the following:

  1. Supervise and manage the work of employees carrying out some form of function in the gaming area;
  2. Manage the gaming area, including supervision to avoid fraud by customers, as well as the resolution of customer disputes if necessary;
  3. Manage the surveillance systems of the gaming premises

Our Gaming Practice

Whilst appreciating the complexity of this market, our iGaming lawyers and consultants are also sensitive to the need for fast, yet high-quality advice across this industry. Being well-versed with the process of licensing as well as that for setting up a gaming company in Malta and any EU jurisdiction, our experts are able to provide advice along with any solutions which may be required. The firm’s experts will also be able to provide key official services for gaming operations in line with the requirements listed above.  

Our iGaming project team is typically composed of lawyers and consultants with expertise in corporate law, banking, international tax and intellectual property. We are also backed up by an internal team of accountants that are experts in this niche area. These work hand in hand with leading banks and consultants providing services including secure payment systems, hosting and co-location. They have also made significant efforts towards providing their two-cents worth of knowledge on the future of the industry through their numerous thought-provoking articles. This positions Chetcuti Cauchi as the leading gaming advisory firm for operators seeking a one-stop-solution provider in Malta.


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