Corporate Tax Advice

Corporate Tax Advice

Malta Corporate Tax Advisors

Chetcuti Cauchi's team of Corporate Tax Advisors reflects the firm's fundamental ethos of bringing together specialists from different academic backgrounds to maximise on the strengths of the legal and accounting professions. Taxation straddles both areas of finance and law and corporate tax lawyers can work with tax advisors with an accounting background to provide higher value tax advice to international clients using Malta Companies in international tax planning or in better structuring one's commercial operations or wealth using Malta.

The Maltese Corporate Tax System: An Overview

A number of factors have seen Malta achieve significant growth as a centre for international business, including its geographical location, English speaking workforce, approachable regulators, and generally low cost base. In addition, the country has a sophisticated and effective tax system. Corporate entities domiciled in the jurisdiction, for example, benefit from a very wide network of double tax treaties which ensures that international business is not subject to tax in two different jurisdictions. The network of treaties includes treaties with key economies such as: China, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Luxembourg and Australia.

Corporate tax in Malta is set at 35% of the net profits generated by the company. Various forms of relief are available in the context of double taxation. A system of refunds is also in place and can offer some significant mitigations to the overall tax liability. The country also employs a participating holding exemption regime allowing dividends and capital gains on disposal of such holdings to be exempt from tax when received by the Malta company usually set up as a Malta holding company.

Maximising on Malta's Corporate Tax System

Using Malta's corporate tax system need not be complex or mind-boggling. Explaining the relevant tax rules in simple terms, our corporate tax advisors help maximise on Malta's corporate tax system. Our familiarity and extensive experience with Malta's sophisticated corporate tax regime enables us to achieve optimal corporate tax results for our clients and all in compliance with local corporate tax obligations. We dedicate time, energy and resources to thoroughly understanding our client's portfolio and requirements, and provide our clients with guidance that is not just detailed and accurate, but also practical and doable.

Holistic Corporate Tax Advice to Malta Companies

Chetcuti Cauchi's Corporate Tax Advisors provide a broad range of Malta corporate tax advice including pre-incorporation corporate tax planning and corporate structuring advice, cash flow planning in the context of corporate tax compliance, interim and final dividend planning, preparation of dividend warrants for tax refund purposes as well as actual applications for corporate tax refunds under Malta's favourable corporate tax system. Sound Maltese VAT advice also plays an important role in ensuring a Malta Company remains in full compliance with its Maltese and international VAT obligations.

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