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Technology Management is set of management disciplines that permit enterprises to manage their hi-tech essentials to generate competitive gain. The task of the technology management function in an organization is to evaluate and comprehend the value of particular technology to the organization. Constant development of technology is priceless as long as there is significance to the customer. Therefore the technology management function is many times an assessment of whether the organisation should invest on a particular technology development or withdraw same.

Our Malta Technology Management Practice Group

Our Technology Management Practice Group also ensures that innovative and completely scalable hardware and software solutions are provided to the client, whilst also ensuring that full redundancy methods and systems are in place. This includes firewall redundancy, load balancing solutions for web servers, virtual machine redundancy as well as database clustering for high availability. Also, in order to assure business continuity and stability of mission-critical systems and processes, our ICT experts also draft effective disaster recovery plans that introduce best practices and solutions for data storage, security and backup.

To complement our modern and efficient ICT solutions, our dedicated and experienced technical support team regularly performs all the precautions and necessary maintenance and administration providers that our client’s infrastructure requires to ensure the ultimate service, security and performance.

Our Malta Technology Management Advisors

Our expertise in the field of Information Technology Management enables us to offer comprehensive ICT consulting services. Through a thorough analysis of systems, processes, and workflows, as well as assessment of staff training requirements, we help our clients develop successful strategies that facilitate long-term advancement and sustainability of their ICT infrastructure.

Since most critical business applications are nowadays relying on ERP and database management solutions, Chetcuti Cauchi offers effective advice on such aspects for the most optimal selection, maximum performance and accessibility. We also ensure that our clients take full advantage of systems virtualisation thereby realising proper systems integration, as well as full optimisation and diversification of their existing ICT resources.

Additionally, through the advisory services of our legal and HR practice groups, we are also able to offer ICT staffing, recruitment, and training assistance; drafting of service level agreements and outsourcing contracts; and provision of legal advice on various aspects of ICT compliance and Internet law.


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