How can our immigration lawyers help you?

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | 16 Sep 2016

Immigration Citizenship Passport

Immigration is very often a highly sensitive issue, with a hundred and one facets which must be individually catered for. Tying all the loose ends can be a highly cumbersome and time-consuming process for any individual or family. There are several legal considerations which need to be addressed while you are struggling to understand a different local system of laws and customs which are sometimes further obscured by a language barrier. The help of a good immigration lawyer can make all the difference, and can give you peace of mind that all issues will be tackled in the most optimal way.

In over 15 years, Chetcuti Cauchi has established itself as the firm of choice in Malta for all immigration related issues. Our services are tailored for Ultra/High Net Worth Individuals seeking secondary citizenship, or seeking to take up residence in another country. Our seasoned immigration lawyers are well acquainted with the various needs of HNWI. Years of experience allow our immigration lawyers to immediately grasp what your goals are from the onset and work towards providing effective solutions in a timely manner.

In today’s busy word, time is the ultimate luxury which successful individuals cannot afford. Thanks to our Residency and Citizenship programmes, our immigration lawyers can help you attain fast track residency or citizenship in a number of countries. Moreover, our immigration lawyers can assist you with any concierge services ancillary to attaining residency or citizenship in a new country, allowing you to rest assured that everything, from the smallest detail to much more important matters, will always be addressed in due time.

Our Citizenship Expertise

Under the Malta Citizenship Act, one may attain Maltese Citizenship by birth, descent, by marriage, and, since the 2013 development, by investment as well. The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme was designed for affluent individuals of impeccable standing and repute who wish to acquire a Maltese passport through a significant investment in the Maltese economy.

Besides assisting clients with the attainment of Malta citizenship, our immigration lawyers can also help you acquire citizenship in various other jurisdictions, including Cyprus, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia and Dominica.

To help you choose which programme suits your needs, our firm has created a Citizenship Programmes Comparison Tool which allows you to compare and contrast what each programme has to offer, and the key requirements for each programme. Our immigration lawyers will make sure to familiarise themselves with your needs and financial situation and while ensuring that the highest standards of professionalism are respected, they offer sensitive and calculated advice on the best programme which suits their needs, as well as, the types of real estate investments which the jurisdiction can offer, keeping in mind the jurisdiction’s tax regime and what it would entail for you.

Our Residency Expertise

Our immigration lawyers can also assist you if you are seeking to relocate to Malta, or a number of other destinations. Malta offers a number of programmes, tailored to the needs of various individuals:

Over the years, we have assisted individuals and families from all corners of the world to take up an alternative residence in Malta. Malta’s EU membership and its Schengen status make Malta an ideal candidate for relocation. Chetcuti Cauchi proudly boasts the largest number of successful applications handled under the Malta Global Residence Programmesince its inception when it was first known as the Permanent Residence Scheme and later the HNWI Rules.

Chetcuti Cauchi also assists clients who wish to attain residency in other jurisdictions, including Cyprus, Italy, Monaco and Switzerland.

Why choose Chetcuti Cauchi's immigration lawyers?

What distinguishes Chetcuti Cauchi’s immigration lawyers from competitors is our ethos which drives us to maintain the personal, boutique approach of a small firm, while delivering the expertise expected from a much larger firm. Years of experience in the business have reaffirmed our belief in the importance of face-to-face relationships and building a relationship of trust between the individual or family and their immigration lawyer. One of our immigration partners will take the time to fully acquaint him/herself with the client’s background and needs in order to handle the client’s business as comprehensively as possible. As professional advisors, we know not to drop the ball when families entrust us with a project. Our outstanding success rate in all citizenship applications submitted stands as testimony to this.

Besides being a Residency and Citizenship Law firm, Chetcuti Cauchi practices in a vast array of legal and tax sectors. The multi-disciplinary nature of our firm allows our immigration lawyers to draw expertise from various experts within the firm and to provide various services which are ancillary to attaining citizenship or a residency permit. This may include advising clients in respect of matters of personal importance, such as the local health and education systems, as well as anything related to relocation, property management, work permits, tax planning, as well as estate management and succession planning

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