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New Gaming Licence Fees Regulations In Malta

Different jurisdictions have, since time immemorial, treated gaming in diverse ways. With the advent of internet gaming, increased complexity resulted in the necessity for increased regulation.

Malta reacted to this phenomenon in a prudent yet pragmatic manner, by providing a legal framework for gaming operators, whilst maintaining high levels of player protection. This has turned Malta into the foremost gaming legal and operational infrastructure that is synonymous with innovation, professionalism, regulation and trust.

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Overview of the Malta Gaming offering

Malta has matured into a number one jurisdiction for regulated online betting and gaming world-wide. Malta offers exciting opportunities for new market entrants and established operators seeking a well-regulated and tax-friendly environment.

  • Licences for casino-type games, betting, betting exchanges, gaming platforms, online casino, casino-style games and lotteries
  • Competitive licence fees and attractive corporate tax regime
  • Economic and political stability, membership in EU
  • Serious, credible, industry-specific regulation, ensuring players' trust in an operator licensed in Malta and reducing operators' exposure to fraud and money-laundering risks
  • High levels of professional services and reasonable professional fees and other costs

Malta: Europe's foremost regulated gaming jurisdiction.

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