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Equality and justice in public life are the backbone of a functioning democracy. The Public Sector in Malta refers to all government organisations and their employees, which are distinct from the private sector which encompasses various private companies, NGOs and their employees. Thus, the role of our Public Sector team is to provide the specialist knowledge and skills of our professionals in the legal field to support under-represented groups and services and provide important expertise in the functioning of government.

In addition to the civil code and the constitution, Malta has been rapidly transposing EU directives in housing law, employment and industrial relations, financial services and taxation, consumer protection, equal opportunities and discrimination and is a member of the European Convention of Human Rights. As such, the onus on Maltese Authorities to provide these services requires a presence within public sector as a means of checks and balances.

Our Malta Public Sector Industry Team

Chetcuti Cauchi’s multidisciplinary nature allows it to draw expertise from various practice groups within the firm. Our experts’ knowledge provides us with the tools to keep on top of developments in the legal sphere, particularly the public sector. Our professionals' longstanding experience in their respective fields gives them a practical, working insider knowledge of the industry. In fact, Chetcuti Cauchi is often asked to provide advice to the Maltese Government through various consultation documents and position papers on various legal matters. Moreover, years of experience practicing in their respective fields has given our professionals a very good know how of how to deal with the regulators which form part of the public sector, and understand the requirements which they impose.

Our lawyers in the Public Service industry group use their knowledge of the functioning of government, rules and regulations and the landscape of national and European law to perform their specialities in public policies and many aspects of public law.

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