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New Gaming Licence Fees Regulations In Malta

Different jurisdictions have, since time immemorial, treated gaming in diverse ways. Some shun it, some regulate it, some embrace it, others monopolise it.  Still, it is universally accepted that life is a gamble and humans are perpetual players. Malta has reacted to this phenomenon in a prudent yet pragmatic manner - its approach towards gaming has certainly been bold and unique. Rather than focusing on a restrictive or condescending response to this budding industry, the legislator opted to direct its energies towards regulating the gaming industry in Malta in a manner that ensures transparency, with the intention of generating a clean, safe and properly regulated market.

The Gaming Industry in Malta

Malta’s success as a gaming hub is attributable to a number of factors. Its membership in the European Union allows it to benefit from the application of common market principles, with free movement of goods and services being the most fundamental. The Gaming Industry in Malta benefits from low official fees and gaming taxes, which, coupled with its advantageous European onshore business environment, provide very favourable conditions for setting up. The development of the gaming industry in Malta has also accelerated the development of related ancillary services including ICT, telephony, co-location and back-office services.

Malta presents a stable history in financial, banking and commercial services. By joining the EU, Malta aligned its position and perspective to EU directives and regulations, including corporate rules and money laundering safeguards. This, coupled with a strong gaming legal regime, render the Maltese licence as the best solution to any serious operator. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) is the single regulatory body that is responsible for the governance of all forms of gaming in Malta. In remote gaming, the LGA’s regulatory regime aims to be both technology neutral and game neutral, hence encompassing any type of gaming using any means of distance communication, including internet, digital TV, mobile phone technology, telephone and fax.



The Gaming industry In Malta: Our Malta Gaming Team

Whilst appreciating the complexity of this market, our iGaming lawyers and consultants are also sensitive to the need for fast, yet high-quality legal advice across this industry. Our typical clients would include software companies setting up gaming platforms, traditional bookmakers expanding online, casino machine producers expanding into online casino services, online poker room managers, and mathematicians/finance specialists applying their expertise to the creation of new, complex and hybrid games.

Our iGaming project team is typically composed of lawyers and consultants with expertise in corporate law, banking, international tax and intellectual property. We are also backed up by an internal team of accountants that are expert in this niche area. These work hand in hand with leading banks and consultants providing services including secure payment systems, hosting and co-location. This positions Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates as the leading gaming advisory firm for operators seeking a one-stop-solution provider in Malta.

The typical services we offer to the Gaming Industry in Malta would include:

  • iGaming licensing and compliance
  • International tax planning
  • Company formation & administration
  • Key Official services
  • Merchant and other bank accounts
  • Payment solutions
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Bandwidth, web hosting and co-location
  • Data protection audits
  • Website terms and technology agreements
  • Branding and trademarks
  • Malta office location
  • Business plan drafting
  • Recruitment and relocation services




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