iGaming Law

iGaming Law

The iGaming Industry in Malta

The iGaming Industry is a key sector for economic growth in Malta and, moreover, is one of the fastest-growing industries locally and internationally. Presently, statistics exhibit a significant increase in companies’ growth, both in terms of revenue and job opportunities. 

Online gambling has, over the years, become an actively popular entertainment activity. The industry in Malta has more than flourished, with Malta Gaming Authority (‘MGA’) Chairman, Joseph Cuschieri, commenting that the islands are ‘the jurisdiction of primary establishment for most operators within the industry’. 

iGaming - Why Malta?

Malta’s success story is attributable to many factors. First off, Malta is one of the very few countries which grants online gambling operators a gambling license, which is essentially needed to operate their services. The islands have posed a unique and favourable approach to the iGaming industry; primarily focusing on the aspects of regulating, rather than restricting, affairs dominant in the industry. Indeed, Malta has adopted a transparent approach, in turn ensuring a safe and well-regulated market.  

iGaming Law Advantages

The foresight and determination of the Maltese authorities to develop the iGaming industry, together with the MGA’s pro-active approach towards the inevitable changes in the sector, have prompted an attractive and secure regulatory environment for the iGaming industry to flourish.

The current regulatory framework allows for several innovative incentives. The wide-ranging incentives available to employees of remote gaming businesses, for example, would include reduced rates of income tax on personal income, exemptions on income derived from patents, refunds on dividends and double taxation relief. However, it is important to note that such benefits may be subject to certain criteria.

Nonetheless, non-residents who desire to relocate to Malta would undeniably benefit from such attractive tax planning opportunities. These opportunities include the High Net Worth Individuals Scheme and the Global Residence Programme. Other initiatives include the Company Re-Domiciliation Act that serves to enhance Malta’s appeal, as does the immensely favourable Participation Holding Exemption regime.

Additionally, as a European Union member state, the benefits enjoyed by the islands are twofold. The free movement of services and money laundering safeguards in place, further optimise the iGaming situation on the island. With a sound jurisdiction and a proven track record, the iGaming industry on the islands continues to build on its successful trajectory. The number of licensees, both local and overseas, is steadily and constantly increasing annually. Undoubtedly, Malta is a top jurisdiction for the attainment of an iGaming license. Indeed, gaming operators setting up shop locally benefit from the advanced technical capacities and relatively low labour costs of the local workforce.



Our iGaming Law Services

Chetcuti Cauchi is a multidisciplinary Malta law firm offering a one-stop-shop solution to Malta gaming start-ups, or established operators seeking a fully-fledged set up or backup operation within an EU jurisdiction. Our set-up of four partners and over sixty professionals comprises lawyers, tax advisors, intellectual property attorneys and agents, accountants, gaming advisors, company administrators and relocation advisors providing all-round support to your personal and company presence in Malta.

With experience in the gaming industry since its inception in 2004, and affiliations and close relationships with prime stakeholders in the Maltese gaming industry, including the Malta Remote Gaming Council, the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authorities, co-location centres and payment gateways, Chetcuti Cauchi prides itself of its in-depth expertise in all iGaming Law aspects.

Our expertise is based on a thorough understanding of the business and, of the specific needs peculiar to different types of operators. Chetcuti Cauchi’s iGaming Law team is sensitive to the need for fast, yet high-quality services for gaming operators. Through the services that we offer and through those of our trusted network of collaborators, we can directly assist with all the necessities involved in the setting up and maintenance of a Maltese gaming operation.

Indeed, services include advisory services and assistance in various iGaming matters, including:
•    gaming licensing and compliance
•    key official (local director) services
•    international tax planning
•    accounting
•    company formation and administration
•    payment systems, merchant other bank accounts
•    bandwidth, web hosting and co-location
•    website terms and transfer of technology agreements
•    branding and trademarks
•    Malta office location
•    recruitment services and work permits

Our Clients

Our typical iGaming clients include software companies setting up gaming platforms, traditional bookmakers expanding online, casino machine producers expanding into online casino services, online poker room managers and mathematicians or finance specialists applying their expertise to the creation of new, complex and hybrid games.

We also serve an array of clients who, despite being involved in the gaming industry, provide iGaming services which do not strictly speaking, require a license, including skin set-ups and affiliate companies, marketing companies, digital gaming providers, and other non-regulated gaming providers in general.

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