Malta iGaming Licences: Gambling Law in Malta

| 18 Jun 2019

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Malta’s strategy to gaming has certainly been bold and unique. Rather than focusing on a monopolistic or condescending response to the budding industry, the legislator decided to focus on regulation and transparency. Malta presents a strict approach to licensing and monitoring of gaming operations thus providing optimum protection for players. Having said that, the system is a non-bureaucratic one, providing flexibility to the operators.

Perspective to iGaming Licensees

This presentation provides a practical perspective to prospective iGaming licensees as well as alternative options to penetrate the gaming industry. Featuring Malta as a major iGaming hub, this presentation provides an overview of the advantages the Maltese jurisdiction presents.  It also outlines the procedure to be undertaken to obtain and maintain a license, including information on the following:

• Types of Licences
• The Licensing Process
• Post-Licensing Compliance
• Basic Rules of the Game
• Taxation

Prospective Malta iGaming License Applications

The overview goes on to provide information about ways of penetrating the iGaming market without being a fully-fledged licensee.  It provides details about skins operations and a list of advantages and disadvantages inherent in such an operation when compared to a fully fledged gaming licensee operation.

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