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Dr. Maria Chetcuti Cauchi | 23 Nov 2010

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Last updated December, 2018

iGaming in Malta 

Malta has always placed itself at the forefront of the iGaming industry, embracing the introduction of regulation of iGaming operations in Malta back in 2004 as well as bringing about the necessary update in the law in 2018. The recent change in law now accommodates a wide range of gaming services and supplies offered within the industry. It has been made in such a way as to simplify the process of licensing for operators.

Approaching iGaming in Malta

Malta has been applauded for its bold yet unique approach to the iGaming industry. In fact, it has been noted that rather than focusing on a restrictive response to this budding industry, the legislator opted to direct its energies towards regulation centred around transparency, with the intention of generating a clean, safe and properly regulated market. The legislation in place also takes into consideration the future of this industry by adapting its laws to accommodate the ever-growing sector and technological advances. In doing so, operators will be able to benefit from a simplified system which allows them to foster further innovation to discover what the future of Gaming has to offer.  

The Ideal iGaming Jurisdiction in Malta

Malta’s success as a gaming hub is attributable to a number of factors. Its membership in the European Union positions it to benefit from the application of common market principles, with free movement of goods and services being the most fundamental. Malta also offers competitive official fees and gaming taxes, which, coupled with its advantageous European onshore business environment, provide very favourable conditions for setting up operations within its shores. 

iGaming in Malta: A Holistic Attitude Towards the Latest Gaming Technologies.

This avant-guard approach has not only been adopted within the iGaming atmosphere, but has also been used within various up-and-coming industries which most countries have not even acknowledged. This is mainly seen within the industries of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, where Malta has embraced these developments with open arms through numerous initiatives for operators wishing to start-up a company in or relocate to Malta, as well as experts wishing to bring about innovation within the industry. Malta is also quite well-known for its state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure as well as its telecommunications, co-location and back-office services. 

Our iGaming Practice in Malta

The gaming experts within Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates use their wealth of experience to provide solutions and advice to clients wishing to set-up gaming operations in Malta or set-up backup operations within any EU jurisdiction. Understanding the complexity of the industry, the team will work hand-in-hand with other experts within the firm, who will offer advice relating to Corporate and Tax, to ensure any issues which may arise will be duly dealt with. 

The hands-ons on experience within the Gaming industry has allowed it to offer high-quality services which cover all aspects of iGaming. Our experts have also used this knowledge to provide their two-cents worth on what the future of such technologies can bring about. In fact, numerous thought-provoking articles have been published, outlining what the future can hold when such developments are embraced, rather than restricted. 

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