Third Party Service Providers

Chetcuti Cauchi

The setting up of any regulated business entails the establishment of relations with a number of third party service provides. Sophisticated projects such as the setting up of a collective investment scheme, for example, necessitate the negotiation of agreements with custodians, fund administrators, advisors and auditors. Simpler structures, such as advisory boutiques, will still necessitate the establishment of strong relations with service providers such as banks and intermediaries, for example.

Our lawyers provide a detailed advisory service in relation to the structuring of all contracts and other legal documentation with third party service providers. However, our services are not limited to the provision of legal reviews and advisce. We co-ordinate and manage all relations with third party service providers, making introductions to reputable collaborators, assisting in the sourcing of quotes at competitive rates, helping with the conduct of negotiations and providing our clients with local industry insight.

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