Malta Property Loans

Malta Property Loans


Real estate can be an excellent investment. However, be it a purchase of a new home, a purchase of commercial premises, the renovation of a building or the development of property, this investment invariably requires an initial capital outlay, typically obtained through financing facilities from banks.

Very strong Maltese Banks

Having banks that have repeatedly passed successfully EU-wide stress tests and ranked as the 12th soundest in the world, Malta offers an array of options with various interest and contribution rates for individuals or companies seeking to invest in Malta. 

Loans to acquire residential property in Malta

With its extensive experience in real estate transactions in Malta, the banking team at Chetcuti Cauchi can help introduce you to banks, source different quotes and negotiate favourable interest rates on your behalf.  After having taken the very important decision of purchasing real estate in Malta the next important step is how to obtain the financing of this transaction.  Financing is offered by Maltese banks depending on a number of factors amongst which the age of the applicant for financing, the monthly income of such applicant and the type of property being acquired. Maltese banks offer financing both for first time buyers in Malta but also for second holiday homes in Malta and buy to let property investments.  

In identifying the most advantageous financing arrangement that suits the purchaser, Chetcuti Cauchi's banking team ensures that the process is a smooth one by safeguarding the interests of the purchaser during the implementation of any surety arrangements, the valuation process of the property, as well as the obtainment of the necessary permits.

Loans to develop real estate projects 

Malta's rapid economic growth meant that the demand for property whether residential or commercial has increased exponentially over the last years.  This trend continues with an ever-incresing number of expatriates choosing Malta as the place where to base their businesses.   This has led both local and foreign property developers to continue investing in the island's real estate market.  A property developer whether acting alone or jointly in a consortium with others will look for financing.  Banks are open to this financing however they view these projects in a different manner than when they are dealing with an individual wanting property financing for residential property. The business plan, timelines and contract deadlines here take centre stage in the assessement of an application for financing.  

Our banking team together with our property lawyers can round up all that is necessary for the financing of a Malta property development in order to present a successful project to a bank or other financial institution for financing. It is no secret that lenders look after their own safety first and therefore their assessement of the project focuses on the viabilty of such project, the demand for these units and the resale potential of same whenever as one unified project or as separate single units.

Opening bank accounts and other services

Being experts in the financing process, Chetcuti Cauchi also assists with services ancillary to the loan financing, such as opening of bank accounts, the setting up of home and insurance policies and attainment of financing for finishing.

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