Local Directors

Local Directors

The exercise of Management and Control in Malta

A Malta company is under no obligation to appoint local directors and is taxable. The identity of shareholders of Malta companies is publicly available at the public Register of Companies. However, shares may also be held confidentially on behalf of an undisclosed beneficiary by a professional trustee duly authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide trust and fiduciary services.  While the offshore concept of "nominee" shareholders has been removed from Maltese law in compliance with Malta's international obligations, licensed trust companies are able to hold shares in the name of beneficiaries under the Civil Law institute of Mandate and under obligations to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.  We are also able to provide or procure suitable local directors to ensure effective management and control from Malta where necessary.

Companies Act, 1995

The Maltese Companies Act, 1995 governs the office of director and provides for duties and obligations to be respected by all directors.  The concept 'nominee director' may be misleading since all directors have the same responsibilities under the Companies Act.  

Costs and Fees

Our Company Formation Pack and our Fee Schedule for company formation and company administration services is available on request.

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