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A strong voluntary and charitable society is an important tool for civil society and a fair and functional democracy. Charities & voluntary organisations in Malta are regulated and protected  by the Voluntary Organisations Act of 2007. The Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations was set up by this Act with the remit to fortify the voluntary sector through various initiatives with the specific aim of promoting the work of voluntary organisations (VOs) as well as encouraging their role as partners with the government in various initiatives. The crucial task of the Commissioner’s office is to give more visibility to the voluntary sector as well as to guarantee transparency and accountability of the organisations that compose it. To this effect, the Office of the Commissioner is also the regulatory authority responsible for this area with the goal of watching and supervising the activities of these organisations as well as supporting them.

Charities & Voluntary Organisations in Malta

The Maltese people have a history and a reputation for being highly involved in and for participating in a number of charities and voluntary initiations. Malta has seen the setting up of many philanthropic, charitable and educational institutions with the aim of assisting those with different needs.  Taking inspiration from the heritage passed over to us by the Knights Hospitalliers, many charities & voluntary organisations have aimed to help in preventing, intervening and treating people from alcohol and drug abuse, financially assisting those who are suffering from severe diseases, helping orphans and assisting the elderly and educating the needy.

According to the Voluntary Organisations Act, a Voluntary Organisation is an organisation which is created or established:

  • for any lawful purpose;
  • as non-profit making; and
  • is voluntary

The law also establishes a procedure for the enrolment of Voluntary Organisations in a ‘Register of Voluntary Organisations’. Enrolment requires the fulfilment of a number of requirements, including the submission of annual accounts and identification of the administrators of the organisation. It should be noted that it is not enrolment which confers the status of ‘Voluntary Organisation’. Any organisation that fulfils the above criteria is a Voluntary Organisation. However, enrolment confers a number of important advantages to the organisation which are worthy of note.

Our Malta Charities & Voluntary Organisations Industry Team

Chetcuti Cauchi is the founding firm of Claris Foundation, a charitable initiative focusing on philanthropic causes, mainly the welfare and education of children. Chetcuti Cauchi holds charities & voluntary organisations very close to heart as it believes in making a difference and being a catalyst for positive change. The firm employs sophisticated legal and financial resources to lend clarity and transparency to capital invested in philanthropic causes.

Chetcuti Cauchi’s charitable & voluntary organisations industry group provides assistance on the registration, compliance and accountancy processes of operating as a voluntary organisation as well as legal, administrative and financial advice during the day to day running of the organisation. 

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