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Reputation Management – Privacy & Defamation 

We understand and value your reputation. Privacy and a good reputation are a cornerstone for overall fulfilment in life. These values not only play a crucial role in our personal lives, but also for our business and work-related personas. Being able to conduct our business and personal affairs free of prejudice and hindered reputation is key for achieving the success we deserve. 

With the proliferation of freedom of speech on the ubiquitous world wide web, human rights such as privacy, have come under challenge. Seeking an equitable balance between the two converging rights has been a challenge, and we seek to protect that right to privacy vigorously, employing various legal techniques; this may include undertaking search engine delisting. However, freedom of speech may also be abused of to defame the integrity of individuals and enterprises and this is a situation we are also geared to neutralise. 

Our practice and expertise allow us to therefore protect the reputation of individuals and corporations in terms of written or verbal assertions made, whether they are true or not ultimately. Whilst this may be more challenging to reconcile for statements which may be true, we nonetheless have deep, extensive knowledge to allow us to fight for one’s right to privacy. 

Corporate Data Protection Support 

We also have industry-grade knowledge in serving corporations and business enterprises in respect of data protection and GDPR compliance. Understanding the extent and complexity of maintaining compliance with data protection laws, we have over the years gained legal-technical knowledge to be able to ensure the compliance of a corporation’s offerings, both traditional and technological, with GDPR requisites. 

We are however able to advise and assist not only in respect of data protection compliance concerning a corporation’s services to its customers but also in respect of ancillary aspects concerned to be able to generate such revenue, such as a corporation’s presence on the web and the processing of data of potential customers. In this respect, we are also well-equipped on matters of domain disputes. We are therefore able to offer support for GDPR compliance on continuous basis. Given the necessary compliance required for data protection, we have various data protection packages we may offer, to best suit one’s specific operations. Some of our products include the review and/or preparation of Privacy Policies and Data Protection Agreements. 

Our technical expertise on the interrelationship between various forms of technological offerings and the scope of the GDPR, allows us to advise and find solutions for a wide range of business requirements–effectively constituting an intermediary between the legal world and the binary & networks world. Although the GDPR has brought about some grey areas for various developing technological practices, our technology-driven enthusiasm allows us to duly reconcile data protection law with the underlying technological offering. 

Our Malta Digital Media & Entertainment Law Practice 

Adapting to the progressive and evolving needs of the digital media industry, Chetcuti Cauchi provides services relating to all forms of electronic media, whether in relation to advisory, regulatory, or contractual matters. Our Digital Media & Entertainment Law services include advice connected to: 

  • sound recordings, and music downloads and streaming
  • podcasting
  • mobile phone applications
  • content delivery
  • digital rights management systems
  • domain name issues and conflicts
  • related litigation or out-of-court settlements
  • e-money systems and institutions
  • e-commerce and website development issues.

Our Malta Sports Law Practice 

Advising and acting for entertainment and sports personalities, theatres, clubs, sporting bodies and organizations, Chetcuti Cauchi's Media & Entertainment Law team provides services related to reputation management, protection of privacy, taking up of residence, personal tax advice, dispute resolution, image rights, sponsorship rights, broadcasting issues and associated contract work. Our services include advisory services connecting to: 

  • the setting up and establishment of sports associations and clubs,
  • contracting drafting, revision, and negotiation
  • taxation and structuring
  • dispute resolution whether through arbitration, mediation, negotiation, or court proceedings
  • sports agents, managers and agency agreements and negotiations.

Who We Are and How We Do It 

As an avant-garde boutique law firm, situated in the capital of a wealth of arts and architecture, we not only endeavour to deliver a professional legal practice, but to operate in an effective and modern corporate manner. We therefore not only approach legal issues with a creative and practical approach, but with zeal for detail and efficiency. CC is the brainchild of managing partner Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti alongside Dr Maria Chetcuti Cauchi who have, from its inception, cultivated an avant-garde culture for continues development and growth. Our TMT - Telecommunications Media and Technology-law department and our passion for keeping abreast with is therefore no coincidence but a natural consequence of our technology-driven values. 

Chetcuti Cauchi’s Privacy and Media Lawyers 

We understand how essential it is for privacy and data protection to be respected and how fundamental the right to maintaining an unblemished reputation is for all individuals. Our Privacy and Media lawyers are IT law and tech savvy lawyers with a passion for unravelling the nuances of technology and privacy law to protection fundamental rights, and over the years have garnered noteworthy results in these areas of law. 

The reality of the tug of war between freedom of expression and privacy has become more pronounced with the involvement of large data sharing websites, resulting into a niche of its own - Online Intermediary Liability. Taking a step back however to juxtapose freedom of expression and privacy, various notable attempts to aptly reconcile these two fundamental rights, whilst endeavouring to promote privacy in general can be seen by examples such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation. Our technology law team is not only highly conversant in the technical and legal aspects of these tools for individuals, but has also garnered hands-on experience in addressing infringements of privacy law.


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