Malta European Insurance Brokers

Malta European Insurance Brokers

Malta European Insurance Brokers

Malta has achieved notable success in the insurance industry over the past years. This success is attributable to a number of factors such as a sound economy, favourable taxation systems, lower costs and a well-trained and educated human talent pool.

Malta’s accessible regulator, competitive costs and business friendly environment have in fact led it to become an attractive option for Insurance Business service providers seeking to work within a well reputed regulatory regime.

Malta has attracted to its shores various market players in the field albeit relatively new, stands to attain the same level of success as that of other sectors of the industry and this is mainly due to the below factors.

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the single regulator for all financial services in Malta. The MFSA is responsible for the licensing, regulation, monitoring and supervision of all insurance related activities operating in and from Malta.

Country Highlights

REGULATOR:  Malta Financial Services Authority  FINANCIAL SERVICES: FRAMEWORK EU & OECD Approved
WORKFORCE: Well qualified, English speaking
TIMEZONE Central European Time Zone (UTC + 01.00)
CONNECTED: 5+ daily flights to London
MEMBER OF: EU/Schengen/Commonwealth
GDP GROWTH:  5.6% in 2018 (EU forecast)   


Legal Basis

Insurance brokers are regulated in Malta under the Insurance Intermediaries Act which transposes the EU Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD). Firms must become authorised by the MFSA and registered or enrolled under the Act. 

Under the Act the business of insurance broking is defined as parties:

“acting with complete freedom as to their choice of lawful insurers, bring together, with a view to the insurance or reinsurance of risks or commitments, persons seeking insurance or reinsurance and insurers or reinsurers, carry out work preparatory to the conclusion of contracts of insurance or reinsurance and, where appropriate, assist in the administration and performance of such contracts, in particular in the event of a claim”. 

The MFSA maintains a list of persons, carrying on insurance intermediaries activities of insurance brokers referred to as the “Brokers List”, containing details of all persons which are entitled under the Act to be enrolled therein. 


  • Tax Efficient Environment
  • EU Passporting
  • Innovative Legislation
  • Accessible and Indipendent Regulator
  • Highly Skilled Professional Workforce



  • Application Document
  • Minimum Capital €58,250
  • Setting Registration Fees
  • Local Prescence
  • Device a Scheme of Operations
  • Certificate of Registration

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