The International Tax Planning Association

The International Tax Planning Association

The International Tax Planning Association (ITPA) was founded in 1975 and is one of the pioneers in global tax planning, continuously disseminating to its members the information they need in order to keep abreast with the ever changing global tax landscape. The association is a formation of bankers, trust officers, finance directors, accountants, lawyers and others with practical interest in the tax aspects of cross-frontier transactions.

Members consist of practitioners who act for or in the interest of taxpayers. The main idea of ITPA is to render information concerning international Tax planning, through publication, internet and meetings; with the first meeting for year 2013 taking place in Malta. ITPA meetings are held as a form of discussion, were members are encouraged to ask questions on relevant issues to the knowledgeable speakers. Meetings at ITPA 2013 include an attendance quota so as to eradicate overcrowding and consequently increasing focus and discussion liberty. Full focus can be set on talks, as transcripts and summaries of seminars are sent to Members via E-mail at the end of the meeting. ITPA meetings provide a two day opportunity to familiarize with other members and acquire valuable contact details.

Members are able to acquire further knowledge which is then passed on to their clients though ITPA news, ITPA journal and also occasional informative publications.  The Members’ Pages of the ITPA website contains the Portfolio of Laws, which contains the relevant laws of most of the jurisdictions members are likely to want to know about, together with their tax treaties and tax information exchange agreements.  

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