Malta Aircraft Chartering & Leasing

Malta Aircraft Chartering  Leasing

With the increase in the use of traveling by private jet, the concepts of chartering and leasing of aircraft became increasingly popular due to the world’s modern standing as a result of the development of globalization.  The key to determining the advantages of chartering and leasing of an aircraft is to understand and distinguish the concept of chartering and leasing from that of ownership.

The chartering and leasing of an aircraft involves conferring a title on an aircraft including that of possession; ownership of an aircraft on the other hand involves an absolute legal right and title over the aircraft. Nonetheless, the chartering and leasing of aircraft usually involve benefits which override those revolving around actual ownership of the aircraft, particularly that of conservation of capital and tax benefits which are important to take into consideration.

Chetcuti Cauchi provides advice and guidance with the chartering and leasing of aircraft of all types. Moreover, such advice extends and adapts throughout the whole duration of the contract as the client’s needs grow and adapt thereby not being limited solely to the contract’s conclusion. Moreover, Chetcuti Cauchi’s good reputation and outstanding achievement in aviation practice results in the successful representation of the client’s interests. Furthermore, the firm boasts of its good reputation with the governing authorities as well as its close relationship with international counter-parts.

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