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A good project needs a dedicated team to provide the support to ensure the maximum impact of the opportunity. In order to fully achieve the goals of a funded project the beneficiary should be free to ensure the technical sides are running smoothly, correctly and on time with the piece of mind to not worry about the bureaucratic measures required.

The Tendering and Funding Unit’s project management team takes away the burden of the everyday compliance issues of a project to provide the time for the business to dedicate their time to running a productive and profitable project.

The Tendering and Funding Unit has experience in the full project lifecycle, from the conception of a project idea, to the application, implementation and to the closing procedures. We use this expertise to ensure full compliance with the funds regulations and so that the full positive impact of a funded venture is delivered.

Our assistance in the project lifecycle consists:

  • Conception
    • Shaping the needs and business requirements of the client into simple to understand but comprehensive project ideas
    • Matching project ideas and business requirements to available funds and tender opportunities
  • Application
    • Providing the support and assistance throughout the application stage to ensure the best possible application can be submitted by testing the ideas feasibility against the funds requirements and the national incentives
    • Finding national and international partners for consortium projects
    • Our back office support will ensure all the administration of the application will be met and delivered on time
  • Implementation
    • We will support your project through the implementation stage to ensure it stays in compliance; assist with authorities to clarify the progress, and supply administrative support to keep an up-to-date record of the project.
    • We will tend to ensuring all the milestones and actions of the project will be delivered on time, within budget, and within the terms of contract.
    • We will ensure all the outsourcing services are provided, from locating the specific needs to the drafting and administration of the public tenders.
    • We will provide the back office services required to ensure consistent work flow of the project.
  • Maturity of the project lifecycle
    • Provide analysis of the project’s successes and complete the reporting procedures
    • Assist in the dissemination of results
    • Provide an audit of the filing requirements and submit the project

Our project management team can cater for the needs of the following groups:

  • Private and Corporate entities
  • Public organisations and NGOs
  • Local and International companies and organisations
  • Local councils, administrations, and entities
  • Government ministries
  • SMEs
  • Research and Innovation industries

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