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Overseas companies wishing to migrate to Malta and avail themselves of Malta's favourable tax system are able to be continued in Malta without any interruption of the business operations of the company.  Existing offshore companies would otherwise need to be liqudated or dissolved and new companies set up in a new jurisdiction, disrupting existing business and contractual relations, with associated costs and possible loss of business.  Likewise, transaction costs and tax implications involved in the transfer of major assets may act as a barrier to moving a company's operations to a new jurisdiction.  The Maltese Companies Act allows a company to be 'redomiciled' or continued in Malta by undergoing a process of transferring the company's seat to Malta.  Effectively, this means a change in the domicile and registered address of a company incorporated outside of Malta and the adoption of a Malta registered address by undergoing the process established by law for redoms.

Chetcuti Cauchi enjoys the reputation of a premier company formation specialist with roots in sound legal and tax advice supported by fully-fledged company formation, company administration and company accounting teams.  While maintaining the personalised service of a boutique practice, Chetcuti Cauchi's company formation and administration service is able to deliver at high quality levels expected from larger firms at the cost of smaller less geared up setups.

Lead by Corporate Services partner Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker, our Malta Company Formation team is able to deliver very short response times for queries related to company redomiciliations in Malta and fast Malta company formation and company incorporation service, if required, even within 24 hours.  As leaders in the area of company formation, enjoying the cumulative experience of Chetcuti Cauchi's fifteen years of experience in this sector, we are able to be practical, responding without hesitation while maintaining high levels of legal and fiscal compliance, often necessary in company formation cases that are less straight forward.

Our Corporate Services Team assists EU and non-EU enterprises seeking to take advantage of Malta as a reputable tax-efficient European business base with advanced financial, telecoms and e-commerce facilities.

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