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Malta Tendering & Funding Opportunities

Funding from European Union and domestic sources has become a competitive and highly rewarding way of carrying out modern business. Burden sharing through funding opportunities allows businesses to expand, invest, diversify and improve. The support enables a business to strengthen its internal sources through training and bursaries and provides opportunities to broaden the human resources skills base. This, in turn, may be the winning factor that makes a firm eligible for high profile project partnerships and able to provide the necessary expertise and specialisation of services.

Our Malta Tendering & Funding Practice Group

Chetcuti Cauchi’s Tendering and Funding Practice Group is reputed for locating local and international tenders and funding opportunities that best suit the client’s requirements.
To do this, the team ranges from highly specialised advisors to a complement of back office support that allows the required solidity to successfully apply, implement and benefit from an EU fund or submit a quality tender bid.

Our Funding Unit has been responsible for successfully funded projects through ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and ESF (European Social Fund) schemes. Drawing from expertise in the field and through contact with internal practice groups in relevant areas and competencies, the specialised team researches, compiles and formulates a successful formula for funding applications by using internal resources to provide the strongest research and methodological base for our work. Be it for local or cross-border research, training or knowledge transfer, funding provides the essential backing that makes a business competitive and Chetcuti Cauchi provides the indispensable support to achieve this purpose.

Our Malta Tendering & Funding Advisors

The tendering advisors at Chetcuti Cauchi have become established in the tendering process, both locally and also overseas. Reputed for assisting clients from pre-application to post-approval stage, at Chetcuti Cauchi we understand that tender and funding opportunities must be well-selected according to the requirements of the issuer and the service-provider’s business practices. Selectivity avoids wasting the client’s time and money and our team believes in retaining its high record of positive evaluations, hence the emphasis on the selection process.

Submitting a winning tender requires rigorous preparation. Having professionals specialised in various sectors of industry enables us to ensure that during the submission process all aspects and details are catered for. The process commences with our team analysing the tender documents thoroughly, and ensuring that the client understands all requests and implications. At a second stage, we guide the client as to the correct documentation to be provided, signed and presented. We also assist the client in identifying the key players required in his project team, to ensure that client does not merely win the tender but can subsequently provide the service at a high level. All this process is carried out, keeping the strict deadlines involved in mind.

Typical clients for this service include:

  • Private and Corporate entities
  • Public organisations and NGOs
  • Local and International companies and organisations
  • Local councils, administrations, and entities
  • Government ministries
  • SMEs

Chetcuti Cauchi’s Funding and Tendering unit is dedicated to reaching the goals of its clients. We draw on the expertise of our in-house lawyers and advisors to ensure full support and the best award
opportunities for the client.



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