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In the sphere of trading, Malta attracts clients due to its highly advantageous tax system. For this reason, our country offers numerous benefits to companies who wish to engage in trade activity. Through optimal trade law we have adopted here in Malta, coupled with our strategic geographical position our jurisdiction is seen as a key trading base in the Mediterranean sea.

Requirements for Obtaining a Trading License in Malta

There are a number of trading licenses issued in Malta based on what the trading activity entails. In fact, Manufacturing and engineering companies require a special permit before applying for a trading licence in Malta due to the fact that these types of activities are subject to a number of environmental and waste control regulations before they are issued a trading licence. In the same way, certain company activities require the handling of food or beverages, or companies in hairdressing, fitness and beauty. Hence, prior to obtaining trading licenses, such companies must obtain a no objection declaration with the Environmental Health Directorate.

How does one apply for a trade license in Malta ?

The Trading License Unit is the authority responsible for the issuing of trading licenses. In order to initiate the licensing process, one will need an application or notification in order to obtain a license from such authority. Subsequently, once the application or notification has been submitted, the  trading license will follow suit and will be issued within a standard period of 10 days. With the application, one must attach a number of documents, namely :

  • Name and address of the applicant,
  • Foreign Citizens need a copy of the identification papers or ECT (Employment and Training Corporation) permit,
  • With respect to companies, a company’s name, country of registration and registration number must be issued,
  • The VAT (value added tax) registration number, where available,
  • The activity which will be carried out and supplementary details about this activity,
  • Any relevant permits, if necessary

Our Trade Law Expertise

Having a solid amount of experience and expertise in the area of Commerical law, our team has a wealth of ‘on the ground’ knowledge and experience which makes them leading professionals in the field of trade law. We are in a position to offer all-encompassing advice and assistance to clients on all trade law matters through our multi-disciplinary team.

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