Malta's attractiveness to Americans

Why Malta for American investors, entrepreneurs and families

Chetcuti Cauchi | 01 Sep 2023

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Malta is an attractive European platform for American investors, American entrepreneurs and American families seeking an English-speaking European base for their business, Americans looking for residence or citizenship in a European country.  Malta remains attractive for Americans.

Malta open to Foreign Investment from the USA

Malta seeks foreign direct investment (FDI) to increase its rate of economic growth. Malta provides incentives to attract investment in high-tech manufacturing (including plastics, precision engineering, electronic components, automotive components, and health technologies such as pharmaceuticals manufacturing and biotechnology), information and communications technology (ICT), research and development (R&D), aerospace, aviation maintenance and drones, education and training, registration of ships and aircrafts, transshipment and related service industries, finance services, and digital technologies, including artificial intelligence technologies, distributed ledger technology, innovative technologies, and digital gaming.

Malta's competitive advantages for American Investors

Malta’s comparative advantages for Americans include membership in the European Union, Eurozone, and Schengen Zone; proximity to European and North African markets; excellent telecommunications and transport connections; a fair and transparent business environment; a skilled, English-speaking labor force; and competitive wage rates (although the cost of living is comparable to many EU countries, labor costs are relatively low by comparison). Malta also offers financial, tax, and other investment incentives to attract FDI, although tax incentives, may change to reflect Malta’s agreement with the global tax harmonization outlined by the OECD. Foreign investment plays an integral part in the Government of Malta’s policies to reduce the role of the state in the economy and increase private sector activity. FDI has also played a key role in building Malta’s economic recovery post-pandemic as the country shaped an economic strategy based on tangible niche market opportunities that is helping it recover in the new economic conditions.

The Government entrusts Malta Enterprise to promotes FDI in Malta, disseminate Malta investment information, receive applications for government investment incentives, and coordinate between government entities. Malta offers an attractive investment package for U.S. and American investors.

Robust and Resilient Economy for American Investment

Despite its compact size, Malta has managed to cultivate a robust and resilient economy that has consistently demonstrated growth and stability. With a diversified economic landscape spanning finance, gaming, manufacturing, and tourism, the nation minimizes the risks associated with industry dependence. This economic diversity not only ensures stability but also opens avenues for American investors to tap into multiple sectors, mitigating potential volatility.

Strategic Geographical Location for American Businesses

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Malta offers a strategic advantage to American investors seeking global opportunities. This prime location facilitates trade and investment across multiple regions, providing businesses with unparalleled access to a diverse range of markets. The island's well-established port and modern airport further enhance its role as a hub for international business activities.

Maltese Business Sectors for Americans

The government seeks, as a top priority, companies operating in the following fields:

  • High-end manufacturing;
  • ICT, augmented and virtual reality, and digital gaming;
  • Health technologies, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and emerging medical sectors including medical cannabis and medtech;
  • Back office and regional support operations;
  • Digital technologies including distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, innovative technologies, e-sports, and fintech;
  • Knowledge-based service, including education and training and research and development;
  • Logistics-based services, including marine technology, warehousing, and oil/gas services; and
  • Film industry (Malta has one of the few sets in the world for water/boating scenes).

Malta's Innovation and Technology Stance

Malta's proactive stance toward innovation and technology further solidifies its appeal to American investors. The island nation has embraced emerging sectors like fintech, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, positioning itself as a breeding ground for technological advancements. By establishing innovation hubs, offering research and development grants, and fostering collaboration between academia and the private sector, Malta welcomes American tech companies seeking a gateway to the European market.

English Proficiency and Skilled Workforce for American Businesses

With English as an official language and a highly skilled workforce, Malta provides American investors with a seamless business environment. The linguistic fluency and proficiency in English facilitate communication and collaboration, making it easier for businesses to navigate various aspects of operation, from negotiations to daily interactions. This language advantage, coupled with a workforce well-versed in diverse industries, further enhances Malta's attractiveness to American investors.

Malta: a Global Gateway to European and Neighboring Markets

Malta's strategic location not only serves as a gateway to international markets but also offers direct access to the European Union. For American investors eyeing expansion into European markets, Malta provides a foothold that can facilitate market entry and growth. The nation's close proximity to continental Europe and its commitment to seamless trade relations make it an advantageous launchpad for American businesses seeking global opportunities.

Malta's Allure for American Investors

In conclusion, Malta's allure to American investors is a result of its strategic location, resilient economy, investor-friendly regulations, and emphasis on innovation. The nation's geographical position as a bridge between continents, coupled with a diverse and stable economy, provides a range of opportunities for American investors seeking growth and stability. As Malta continues to foster an environment that encourages innovation, supports business growth, and facilitates market access, it emerges as an ideal destination for American investors looking to expand their horizons on a global scale.

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