Community Involvement

Community Involvement

At Chetcuti Cauchi, we understand that our mission goes beyond providing excellent legal service to our clients. We are committed to give back to the community, and make a difference. Together with constantly serving our clients with the highest level of ethical professionalism and promoting morality within the legal profession, as a firm, we have taken various incentives to give back. 

Claris Foundation 

The brainchild of Chetcuti Cauchi’s founding partners, Claris Foundation (VO 0157/LPF02) was registered in the last quarter of 2008 with the initial objective of identifying, understanding and raising awareness about vulnerable persons in Malta and abroad, developing and implementing programmes in support of the health and well-being of children, developing and implementing programmes in support of the education of children worldwide and raising funds for the financing of projects undertaken in fulfilment for the objects outlined above. 

In essence, Claris Foundation is a charitable initiative employing sophisticated legal and financial resources to lend charity and transparency to capital invested in philanthropic causes. From the early days of its inception, Claris has grown to represent projects that range from sponsorships of educational programmes; mentoring of children and individuals in their educational and day to day development; project managing building conversion projects and adopting individual causes with the aim of improving same.

One of the flagship projects undertaken by the foundation is undoubtedly the conversion and renovation of St Rita’s Home, run by the Ursuline Creche, including a new playground. The main charism of the Ursuline Sisters is to provide a safe and stable upbringing to less fortune children.  

Art Exhibitions 

In 2010 Chetcuti Cauchi moved into a renovated 17th century palazzo. Palazzo Ursula which we now call home, lends itself well as a backdrop to feature some of Malta’s talent. From paintings, ceramics to sculptures, we support local artists by showcasing their work. A generous part of the proceeds from the sale of items being displayed at our offices is donated to Claris Foundation. Some of the artists featured include Adrian Scicluna & Christopher Saliba. 

Pro Bono 

We believe that is it our duty as citizens and lawyers, not to stand on the sidelines. Therefore, we give great importance to using the knowledge and expertise which we have gathered to help the less fortunate, and most vulnerable. We assist a number of foundations and organisations with their legal requirements pro bono. 

Start-Ups & Innovation 

Since inception, Chetcuti Cauchi has understood the importance of innovation. Being one of the few law firms in Malta to operate paper-less from day one, we recognise that technology and innovation are not only the future, but the present. Chetcuti Cauchi prides in assisting inventors reach their goals and aspirations. A number of lawyers, including our founding partner, Dr Maria Chetcuti Cauchi have assisted the Malta Council of Science and Technology, by providing legal advice, particularly with regard to the patentability of novel inventions. We have also assisted the University of Malta in a number of intellectual property issues.

Being once a start-up ourselves, we understand that the initial years of a company may make or break new entrepreneurs. Therefore, we assist start-up find their feet by providing legal support and assistance at a revised rate.

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