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Stand out from the Crowd through Trademark Registration

Dr. Susanna Grech Deguara | 26 Apr 2022

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With the ever-growing influence that technology has on our lives, and the radical increase in screen time, the use of brand identifiers and marks has become more vital than ever. The growing competition between established enterprises and start-ups alike for a couple of minutes of consumer attention has continued to grow. The number of EUIPO trademarks continues to rise, with over 11 million  registered trademarks to date. It is, therefore, essential for individuals and entities to register their marks. 

Why Register Your Trademark in Malta and in the EU? 

Legal Certainty 

When a commercial entity uses intellectual property which it does not own, it opens the doors for significant legal uncertainty, disputes, and potentially even lawsuits. Such challenges might lead businesses to be forced to consider shifting gear, or even setting sail in a different direction. Therefore, trademark registration in the jurisdiction the commercial entity operates provides legal peace of mind, with the attainment of the end goal of having the mark which has cost countless hours of hard work and dedication to be protected by law. 

Maximizing Assets 

Trademark registration in Malta and the European Union under one’s own name increases value for commercial ventures. For most, especially businesses that rely on e-commerce for their trade, having a strong intellectual property protection would be as significant as having a store in a prime location. Moreover, trademark registration is key in attracting investment. 

Achieving autonomy

Achieving autonomy through trademark registration in Malta and the European Union Customers appreciate ventures that mean business. Placing the necessary investment in trademark registration and thus ensuring intellectual property protection is a testament to one’s belief in one’s own brand. When an undertaking has its identity protected this instills not only peace of mind to the business itself, but also to potential customers. 

The Possibility to Stand out from the Crowd 

Once trademark registration is completed successfully, the sky is the limit! Having the correct legal certainty brings confidence to business owners who are wishing to promote their brand. Knowing that the intellectual property is legally protected, one can focus on more growth. 



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