Malta Companies for International Business

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chetcuti | 05 May 2011

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A Malta Company can trade and provide services/consultancy/intermediation internationally throughout Europe (having a Maltese/EU VAT registration) as well as outside the EU, enjoying a net 5% effective tax rate after refunds to shareholders. Malta companies are not low tax companies (the corporate tax rate is 35%) and refunds of up to six-sevenths (30%) may be payable to shareholders. They are excellent vehicles for royalty routing, treasury operations, e-gaming and e-commerce operations.

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Company Law:

Onshore Status

Insolvency Law in Malta

Company Recovery Procedure

Company Law Features & Requirements

Company Taxation & Tax Refunds System

Company Uses:

International Business

Holdings & Investment

Participating Holding

Group Treasury Management

Royalty Structures

IP Holding Companies

Licensed Investment Services

Shipping Companies

e-Commerce Activities

Licensed Online Gaming

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Limited Liability Companies

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