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Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | 16 Apr 2024

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Obtaining Maltese citizenship through the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations offer a number of benefits to prospective applicants. Below we list down several benefits applicants achieve when applying for Maltese nationality through the Malta Citizenship by for exceptional services by Direct Investment Regulations.

Amidst the ever-evolving social and political landscape, numerous affluent individuals seek opportunities to invest in and relocate to countries that provide greater stability, security, and tranquility for themselves and their families. One such avenue is the Granting of Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, which offers investors a range of benefits upon investing in Malta. Acquiring Maltese citizenship grants investors the freedom to reside in Malta and travel visa-free to over 180 countries. Furthermore, Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004 and the Schengen Area since 2007. 

Over time, Malta has garnered attention from foreign investors drawn to its economic stability and alignment on socio-economic matters. Positioned as a secure yet vibrant jurisdiction for investment and commerce, it has attracted a diverse range of investors. Since joining the European Union in 2004, Malta has witnessed the expansion of traditional markets and the emergence of new sectors, bolstering its sustained economic advancement. Additionally, families find it easy to acclimate to Maltese life due to English being the official language, spoken by all residents on the island.

The acquisition of Maltese citizenship by direct investment offers numerous benefits to foreign investors. The following are a number of benefits which successful applicants may enjoy: 

Malta Citizenship within 3 years or exceptionally after 1 year of Residence

Applicants applying under the direct investment route for citizenship must hold residence status in Malta for at least 36 months with an exception of 12 months against a higher investment, before applying for citizenship. The first step is therefore for the family to visit Malta and submit a residence application. Once a residence application is submitted, the applicant and adult family members are issued with a Maltese residence card within 4-5 weeks.

Visa Free Travel to over 190 countries

Maltese nationals enjoy visa-free or visa on arrival access to over 190 countries and territories, ranking the Maltese passport within the top 5 passports globally. 

Safety & Stability Rankings

Various indexes consistently rank Malta among the safest countries globally, not just within Europe. This status is attributed to several factors, including respect for diverse cultures and religions, multiculturalism, press freedom, safety for women, minimal risk of natural disasters, and the country's stable economic and political environment. As a member of the EU, Malta enjoys global recognition as a secure and welcoming destination, fostering a sense of community among investors.

Family Members may be Included

In a Maltese Citizenship by direct investment application submitted under these Regulations, the applicant may include the following dependents:

  • The spouse in a monogamous marriage or partner having the same or similar status. The term spouse shall be construed as gender neutral.
  • A financially dependent and unmarried child of the Main Applicant or the spouse who has not yet attained the age of 29.
  • An economically dependent parent or grandparent of the Main Applicant or the spouse above the age of 55.

Citizenship for life with the right to settle, stay and reside permanently in Malta 

The applicant and all family members get the right to settle, stay, work and reside permanently in Malta and in European Union Countries. A Maltese passport is valid for 10 years and renewable thereafter. 

Option to rent a Qualifying Property

The Granting of Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment grants the investor the right to choose between renting or buying a property to be able to apply for citizenship. In order to qualify an applicant is required to hold a property for at least five years either by renting a property at a minimum annual value of €16,000 or else purchase a property for at least €700,000. The investment is only needed to be made upon approval of the application. 

Malta allows Dual and Multiple Nationality

The Maltese Constitution was amended in February of 2000, in order to allow Maltese nationals to hold not only dual but multiple citizenship. Thus, under the laws of Malta an applicant is not obliged to renounce his original citizenship when acquiring the Maltese citizenship. 

Free Quality Education & Healthcare Services

All Maltese citizens benefit from complimentary healthcare and education. Malta boasts one of the world's leading healthcare systems, ranked among the top five by the World Health Organization (WHO). Healthcare in Malta is financed through national insurance and taxes, ensuring citizens receive cost-free medical services, including hospital care, prescriptions, maternity services, specialist treatments, all covered by state funds. Both Malta and Gozo feature primary hospitals and a network of local health centers.

Additionally, Maltese citizens have access to tuition-free public schools, with state-funded transportation services to and from school. As Malta is bilingual, classrooms utilize both English and Maltese languages. Beyond public education, Malta offers numerous independent and international schools tailored to the needs of foreign residents.

Moreover, the University of Malta is publicly funded and tuition-free for Maltese citizens, who also receive stipends and academic-related allowances.

Citizenship is Passed down to Future Generations

Obtaining citizenship through the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations grants full citizenship rights for life, which can be inherited by future generations through descent, regardless of the child's place of birth. 

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