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Chetcuti Cauchi | 17 Jun 2019

Malta Leads the Game Remote Gamingimg

Last Updated: 1st February 2019

As the first EU member state with a comprehensive, robust, and highly regulated online gaming framework, Malta has long-established itself as a jurisdiction that brings together licensees and players in an effective manner, upholding fundamental principles such as player protection, protection of the vulnerable, fair and crime-free gaming.

The reason behind Malta’s success as a jurisdiction of choice for both licensees and players are various. Primary amongst these is the role played by a strong regulatory regime that is highly business-friendly and which offers operators a stable and secure framework in which they develop their business whilst strengthening their reputation with a license from a reliable and prestigious jurisdiction. In return, a solid regulatory regime such as Malta’s, enhances consumer trust, a 'must' in online business.

Remote Gaming and its Legal Environment

Several laws and regulations have been drawn up to create the regulatory framework which covers the activities licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Maltese Gaming legislation is mainly based off the Malta Gaming Act, enacted in 2018, as well as second-tier regulations and directives passed at EU level. 

The Malta Gaming Act is a body of legislation which has gone on to elevate the jurisdictional profile of Malta from a regulatory perspective, by strengthening the MGA’s supervisory role, specifically the compliance and enforcement functions to better achieve the regulatory objectives. In turn, these are to be in line with concurrent developments relating to anti-money laundering and combatting the funding of terrorism. 

This new framework goes on to broaden the regulatory scope by broadening the Authority’s oversight and to allow proportionate intervention when necessary. Player protection framework has additionally been strengthened by the formalisation of the MGA’s Player Support Unit role. The Unit is to act as a mediator between aggrieved players and operators. The Act goes on to envisage a new and more effective process for criminal and administrative justice proceedings. 

Our Remote Gaming Practise

The gaming experts within Chetcuti Cauchi use their wealth of experience to provide solutions and advice to clients wishing to set-up gaming operations in Malta or set-up backup operations within any EU jurisdiction. Understanding the complexity of the industry, the team will work hand-in-hand with other experts within the firm, who will offer advice relating to Corporate and Tax, to ensure any issues which may arise will be duly dealt with. 

The firm’s hands-on experience within the Gaming industry has allowed it to offer high-quality services which cover all aspects of iGaming. Our experts have also used this knowledge to provide their two-cents worth on what the future of such technologies can bring about. In fact, numerous thought-provoking articles have been published, outlining what the future can hold when such developments are embraced, rather than restricted. 

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