Use Malta as your springboard for international business

Jonathan Pisani | Published on 22 Mar 2012

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Malta’s national economic policy seems to be delivering the intended results.  A glance at a few of the latest economic numbers and figures demonstrate laudable results.  Malta stands proud as being one out of only two European countries to have brought down its fiscal deficit during the 2008 – 2010 global financial turmoil.  This is in part the consequence of an annual growth rate of 2.17%, which has also help Malta claim the spot as having the fifth lowest unemployment rate in the European Union.

Foreign investment appetite in Malta is strong; foreign direct investment increased by €500m last year and growth in the establishment of multinational manufacturing, pharmaceutical and aircraft maintenance service companies is reported.  This complements the ever growing financial industry and the well established shipping industry, having the largest maritime register in Europe.

The deep swelling of the financial services industry has attracted a wide range of services, such as hedge funds, FOREX operators, trusts and insurance businesses.  Malta’s stable economic and political environment together with its highly competitive and EU approved taxation regime have helped Malta secure a place at the forefront of the jurisdictions of choice to operate international business. 

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