Malta experiences healthy employment results despite the intern

Dr Jonathan Pisani | Published on 14 Jun 2012

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Employment in Europe 

The European Commission has launched an employment package in response to the slowing European economies on account of isolated crises in EU member states.  The Commission initiative contains a set of general and specific sector recommendations to both create jobs and help workers find jobs.  They include measures to cut tax on labour, assistance with business start-ups, as well as the promotion of the green economy, health services and ICT.  The Commission has declared that implementing their recommendations would help 75% of the EU’s citizens aged from 20-64 find work by 2020.

Employment in Malta   

Malta has reported healthy economic results of late.  Progress has followed closely the recommendations of the Commission.  This has created many employment opportunities.  According to a report by the Times of Malta, more than 20,000 jobs were created in Malta over the last four years.  

Malta Economy

Malta has the highest percentage of computing and computer skills graduates in the EU - a fact confirmed by Eurostat. This complements the huge investment by Tecom Investments, an equities firm based in Dubai, together with Sama Dubai, which have founded SmartCity Malta.  This international project is expected to propel Malta amongst the most advanced countries in ICT globally.  
Various incentives are also provided to small and medium sized businesses.  Local SMEs are eligible for the financial grants to offset cost of wages, rent, utility bills, and other operational costs, market development, brand development, the purchase of equipment to reduce the carbon footprint, purchase if ICT hardware and software and others.

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