Chetcuti Cauchi Represent Malta at EILN Meeting in Dublin

Dublin, Malta | 17 May 2024

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The European Immigration Lawyers Network better known as EILN is a network which comprises of law firms from numerous European nations, each with a solid reputation in immigration law within their respective countries. These firms vary in size and specialization, with some focusing solely on immigration and related legal matters, while others offer a broad range of legal services. All firms are independent, regulated, and voluntarily part of the Network. Most EU Member States, along with Norway, Switzerland, and the UK, are represented. Network members collaborate to provide expert advice on cross-border immigration issues, meet regularly to discuss legal developments, and hold annual meetings and conferences.

During the latest conference, EILN members met in Dublin, Ireland, from May 17th to 19th. The first day, open to the public, allowed clients to network with top immigration lawyers in Europe. The next two days were private meetings for EILN members. Main topics discussed included temporary protection for Ukrainians, immigration offshoring, challenges for asylum seekers, and the protection of immigration rights. Members gathered at Hiro Ino & Co. Solicitors to discuss these current topics and related developments in their respective jurisdictions. Representing Malta was the Head of Immigration and Global Mobility, Marina Magri from Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates.

Marina Magri, Head of Immigration and Global Mobility 

Since joining the firm's immigration arm in 2015, Marina has assisted families globally with various immigration, residency, and citizenship options, particularly in the fields of investment, entrepreneurship, innovation, and executive employment.

In 2020, Marina was appointed co-head of the firm's immigration division, leading a team that advises prominent business families in Malta and internationally on immigration, risk management, and compliance matters.

Marina holds a Master of Laws and frequently represents the firm at international conferences and seminars.

About the EILN

The European Immigration Lawyers Network (EILN) was established in 2000 to meet the changing needs of business and individuals, their employers and their families in an enlarging European Union.

The objectives of the Network are:

  • To provide a single source of support for business and individual clients requiring immigration advice and assistance across the European Union.
  • To keep members of the Network up to date on all the changes of      law at the European level relevant to immigration practice.
  • To exchange information about national immigration law and practice to enable EILN members to provide the best strategic immigration advice to their clients

The success of the European Single Market has significantly reduced barriers to cross-border movement within the Union. The EU's expanding role in economic migration, visas, global mobility, cross-border services, family reunification, and asylum, along with evolving national immigration laws in each Member State, has presented both opportunities and challenges for those seeking EU immigration solutions. Businesses and individuals with complex cross-border issues increasingly require specialist advice across multiple jurisdictions to capitalize on these new opportunities. While the movement of nationals from Member and EEA States faces fewer issues, third-country nationals and their family members moving to or within the Union still encounter substantial administrative obstacles. The Network was established to share expertise and provide solutions for clients facing these challenges.

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