Moving to Malta: Applying for a European Pet Passport

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chetcuti | 27 Sep 2023

Moving to Malta: Applying for a European Pet Passport Img

In an increasingly interconnected world, pet owners often face the prospect of relocating with their beloved animals. For those planning a move to Malta, a European Pet Passport can be an essential document to ensure a hassle-free transition. This article explores the legal framework and requirements for obtaining a European Pet Passport when moving to Malta. 

European Pet Passport Eligibility in Malta in a Nutshell 

To qualify for a European Pet Passport in Malta, certain eligibility criteria must be met. Firstly, your pet must be at least 12 weeks old and have been microchipped with a 15-digit ISO 11784/11785 compliant microchip. Secondly, the pet must have received a rabies vaccination, with the vaccination administered after the microchipping. There must be a minimum of 21 days between the initial rabies vaccination and the issuance of the passport. 

Veterinary Examination  

Once your pet fulfills the eligibility criteria, it must undergo a thorough clinical examination by a licensed veterinarian. This examination ensures that your pet is in good health, free from contagious diseases, and fit for travel. The veterinarian will document essential information, including the microchip number, vaccination details, and their endorsement, in the European Pet Passport.  

Issuance of the Malta-European Pet Passport   

In Malta, European Pet Passports are issued by authorized veterinarians in compliance with EU regulations. These standardized passports contain crucial information, such as your pet's identification, vaccination history, and your contact details. The passport becomes valid 21 days after the primary rabies vaccination and remains in effect for three years, provided that rabies vaccinations are kept up-to-date.  

Additional Passport Requirements for Non-EU Countries  

If you are relocating to Malta from a non-EU country, additional steps may be necessary. Many non-EU countries require a veterinarian to endorse an official health certificate confirming your pet's good health and vaccination status. This certificate should be issued within a specified timeframe before your move to Malta and must be accompanied by a copy of the European Pet Passport.  

Border Control and Inspections 

When you arrive in Malta with your pet holding a European Pet Passport, you may be subject to inspection by customs and border control authorities. Ensuring that all the information in the passport aligns with your pet's identity and vaccination status is crucial. Failure to meet the established requirements can lead to quarantine or even denial of entry. 

Malta route to European Pet Citizenship - What this means for you 

Obtaining a European Pet Passport is a vital step for pet owners planning to move to Malta. This document, backed by a stringent legal process, is designed to facilitate the smooth transition of pets and their owners to their new European home. Familiarizing yourself with the legal intricacies of obtaining a European Pet Passport is essential to ensure a seamless relocation experience for both you and your beloved pet. 

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