Banking Rules/Directives

Dr Anton John Mifsud | 10 Jan 2012

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Banking Rules
In terms of Article 4(2) of the Banking Act the competent authority as appointed under Article 3(1) of the Act may make Banking Rules as may be required for carrying into effect any of the provisions of the Act. The authority may amend or revoke such Rules. The Rules and any amendment or revocation thereof shall be officially communicated to credit institutions and the authority shall make copies thereof available to the public.
Banking Directives
The ten Directives under the Banking Act regulating and supervising credit institutions are as follows:
BD/01 - Application Procedures and Requirements for Authorisation of Licences for Banking Activities.
BD/02 - Large Exposures of Credit Institutions.
BD/03 - Own Funds of Credit Institutions
BD/04 - Solvency Ratio of Credit Institutions.
BD/05 - Liquidity Requirements of Credit Institutions.
BD/06 - Statutory Financial Information to be submitted by Credit Institutions.
BD/07 - Publications of Audited Financial Statements of Credit Institutions.
BD/08 - Capital Adequacy of Credit Institutions
BD/09 - Credit and Country Risk Provisioning of Credit Institutions
BD/10 - Supervision on a Consolidated Basis of Credit Institutions
BD/11 - Extension of the Applicability of the “Arms Length” Principle by Credit Institutions

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