Uglobal Immigration Magazine Interview Chetcuti Cauchi Lawyers on Malta's Startup Visa

Chetcuti Cauchi | Published on 28 Aug 2023

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Malta's Startup Visa

The Start up Residence Programme grants a 3 to 5 year residence permit during which beneficiaries are able to reside in Malta whilst launching and operating their start-up venture. The programme hence facilitates the setting up of innovative start-ups and the immigration process of all those who are in any way related to the enterprise including family members and employees of the enterprise. In addition, beneficiaries would need to be having a tangible presence in Malta including paying taxes here, thus increasing tax revenue to the island. 

“The main motive for launching Malta’s Startup Residence Programme is to turn the country into a hub for startups & scale-ups, while giving upcoming entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their ideas to Malta and having access to the European Union market,”  - Jean-Philippe Chetcuti

The startup residence programme offers a number of advantages including business and family stability. It also offers an attractive entry point to a country that is a member of the European Union, where the English language is an official language. The incorporated Startup in Malta is required to make an investment and/or have a paid up share capital of not less than €25,000.  

“The program is another step towards increasing Malta’s competitiveness in the area by providing a residence permit to founders, employees, and family members of the startup,”  - Antoine Saliba Haig

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Uglobal Full Interview

Managing Partner, Jean-Philippe Chetcuti and Senior Lawyer, Antione Saliba-Haig were interviewed by Uglobal and contributed to the article “Malta’s startup visa attracts entrepreneurs with €25,000 investment threshold”. You can read the full article in the Uglobal Immigration Magazine here.

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