AI Act: MEPs Vote Unanimously in favour of the Artificial Intelligence Act

European Parliament Approves Landmark Artificial Intelligence Act

Dr. Maria Chetcuti Cauchi | Published on 13 Mar 2024

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The Artificial Intelligence Act has garnered overwhelming approval from European Parliament and currently only awaits ratification by member states. This will herald a new era, with the EU AI Act becoming the world’s first comprehensive legislation that regulates the deployment of advanced technology and AI and promotes creativity whilst at the same time ensuring that citizen rights are protected.

Witnessing an overwhelming majority in the endorsement of this Act, European Parliament has voted 523 in favour, 46 against and 49 in absentia. The EU Artificial Intelligence Act will probably act as major influence to other countries around the world in the regulation of AI and technology for future years. 

European Parliament president, Roberta Metsola, characterised the AI Act as pioneering regulation, claiming that the legislation will enable innovation, while at the same time protecting EU citizens’ fundamental rights. 

Metsola claims:

“It means leadership, innovation & new avenues. But equally respect for fundamental rights. Artificial intelligence is already very much part of our daily lives. Now, it will be part of our legislation too.” 

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market and major advocate of this novel regulation, has expressed his appreciation for the "overwhelming" support from MEPs. He described this as a move that positions Europe as a "global regulator of reliable AI." Breton has affirmed his readiness for the regulation's implementation, expected to take effect in the coming months. 

The closing hurdle involves a "legal-linguistic check" by the European Parliament, awaiting translation of the law into all official languages. This is expected to happen smoothly in the upcoming and final plenary session in April. The crucial next phase entails member states providing their ultimate approval, a process predicted to occur around May, though recent precedents caution against assumptions due to potential last-minute retractions by countries like Germany, France, or Italy in previously negotiated agreements. Therefore, the complex path of implementation of the AI Act is in the offing, with the crucial next step being member states providing their ultimate approval, potentially in May.

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