Wave Energy Project, Malta

Dr Michela Pirotta | Published on 04 Jun 2012

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The Danish-Maltese joint venture will soon celebrate its one year anniversary since its official launch on the 6th of July 2011. The project was conceived in 2009 during a visit to Denmark by Malta Enterprise, where the founders of the project Mr. Noel Gauci and Mr. Lars Elbaek discussed the possibility of carrying out tests in Mediterranean waters, close to the Maltese shore line with the final object of launching a farm for wave energy.

The tests carried out assess the feasibility of wave to energy converters. This initiative substantiates the government's renewable energy ongoing projects as well as helping to achieve targets set by the European Union. The founders of the project maintain that no concern should be raised on the impact of the project on marine environment.

Should the tests reach their expectations and are successful the project will be the first wave farm in the Mediterranean Sea.

Source: Times of Malta

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