Portugal Golden Visa Program Latest Statistics

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 11 Jul 2018

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Portugal Golden Visa Program - Number of beneficiaries since 2012

Statistics released from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate General for Consular and communities show the number of beneficiaries of the program since 2012. A total of 6,369 residence permits have been issued since the program’s inception in 2012; with the figure increasing to 10,793 when counting the family members of the main applicants. The total investment made so far by means of this programme is reported by the Ministry to stand at €3,895,295,04, when taking into consideration the transfer of capital as well as the acquisition of immovable property.

Portugal Golden Visa Program - The increase of the number of applicants

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In June, 90 applications were approved with a revenue of €52.9 million raised. The number of applicants as well as income has steadily increased since 2012. However, June 2018 registered the slowest growth in comparison to the growth seen in previous months. This is also reflected in the figures published by the Ministry showing the number of successful applicants in previous years, where the number of applicants approved for the program declined to 816 applicants in 2018 from 1,351 in 2017.

The majority of individuals applying for and obtaining residency through this programme are of Chinese nationality, with a total of 3,890 applications from holders of Chinese passports approved for the programme so far. The second most common nationality is Brazilian, with 561 applicants, followed by South African with 254 applicants, Turkish with a total of 224 applicants, and Russian with 222 applicants.

Why is the Portugal Golden Visa Program popular?

The most popular avenue for applicants of the Portugal Golden Visa Programme seems to be that of acquisition of immovable property, with a vast majority of 6,017 applicants choosing this option, whilst 341 applicants chose to participate in the programme through a transfer of capital. 11 applicants chose to participate through creating more than ten jobs as a requirement of the programme.

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