Malta Stock Exchange Closes on a high

Dr Jonathan Pisani | Published on 08 Jun 2012

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The MSE index

It was reported that for a second consecutive week the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) index closed at a high.  The MSE index closed at above 3,000 points which represents a two month high, and a 1.4% gain in a matter of one week.

The European economic climate

The relative success experienced by the companies listed on the MSE stands in stark contrast to the reports emerging from other European markets.  The capital flight from Greece and Spain has been damaging to their capital markets as well as the sovereign bonds markets of European state generally.  It should be noted that Germany is an exception having sold bonds with unprecedented low yields on account of huge demand by investors.

MSE results reflect the Malta economy

Malta’s economy has reported stable growth over the years.  It has weathered the global financial crises as well as the European turmoil well.  Malta banks have retained an originate-to-hold model, and any shortage of liquidity on the interbank market does little to impact their profitability.  Twenty-five banks are registered in Malta, offering an attractive range of services internationally.

Malta boasts of a fully EU compliant legal system which was carefully drafted to provide a competitive edge to operators setting up in Malta. To date 500 funds have opted to base themselves in Malta, with a net asset value (NAV) in the range of €8.5 billion. 

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