Malta Aircraft Registrations: an Increase of 21% in 2011

Michela Pirotta | Published on 16 Jan 2012

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Following the newly enacted Aircraft Registration Act in 2010, 2011 has witnessed an increase of 21% in the number of aircrafts registered in Malta. There are a total of 104 registered aircrafts, while the competent authority for aircraft registrations, Transport Malta, is currently processing approximately another 30 requests from international aviation operators.

This success is registered after the Maltese government has taken bold moves to incentivize and grow this industry in Malta.  Such moves included the enactment of the new Aircraft Registration Act, facilitating registrations in Malta. The restructure of the Civil Aviation Directorate has furthermore boosted Malta's popularity amongst international potential clients, thereby catering for an even more efficient and reactive response to prospective clients. The Directorate has altogether invested further specialisation with regard to taking on individuals having expertise on high levels of standards and safety. 

This coupled with efforts from the Maltese government and professionals alike to enhance the Maltese presence on the aviation industry map, have lead to Malta's recognition by international leading establishments and increased aircraft registrations. 

Local authorities and government officials have reiterated their commitment to work harder and invest additional resources with the aim to secure further success of this industry in Malta.

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